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Check Out This Local Resto That Serves Vegan Pizzas

Here's another delicious way to go vegan!

Is there a better food to curl up with at home than a pizza that uses meat-free ingredients?

Offering vegan pizzas, Indulge is the flagship brand of Mejilla-Organo Vegan Enterprises or MOVE by vegan activists and couple Rence M. Organo II and Diane G. Mejilla.

Humble Beginnings

Less than a year into their relationship, Rence and Dian went plant-based in July 2013, Diane became vegan in November 2015 after learning about the ethical aspect of consuming a plant-based diet. While Rence turned vegan a year after for the same reason.

“We love trying out new things and exploring new places, but with my diet change, dining out became problematic. However, we didn’t let this hinder us from having fun on our dates,” Diane tells My Pope Philippines.

“Instead, we would choose to go the few vegan and vegetarian places whenever we would head out and they would make sure that whatever activity we had planned, a place with vegan (or veganizable) menu items would always be nearby or at least part of our itinerary,” she shares.

Photo from Indulge Facebook

Where Can We Find Indulge?

Launched in March 2017 during the 3-day bazaar in UP Town Center, Indulge became a mainstay at the Good Food Sundays weekend market at Mandala Park in Mandaluyong.

Indulge used to do daily deliveries from Diane’s house and on May 2018, the couple finally opened at Z Compound Food Park in Diliman, Quezon City as a new stall in the food park.

Since then, the vegan resto’s space has quadrupled since March 2019 and now includes an indoor area and air-conditioning.

Photos from Indulge Facebook

Price Range

Aside from pizzas, Indulge also offers pastas, sandwiches, rice meals, and frozen goods! Their prices range from P95 to P450.

They recently launched Almvsal, an all-day breakfast brand, which boasts all-vegan silog and torta meals.

“We will soon be opening Buhay Vegan, a mini grocer dedicated to local vegan goods. Indulge and Almvsal are currently sharing our space at Z Compound and Buhay Vegan will be located there as well,” Diane adds.

“Vegans go vegan not because it’s beneficial to us, but because animals deserve to live their lives the way they want to, without interference from humans. Being healthier, losing weight, and getting cured of chronic illnesses are just nice bonuses,” she explains.

Photos from Indulge Facebook

For those opting to eat at home, Indulge does same-day deliveries. Orders can be made through their Facebook or Instagram page.

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