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3 Apps You Can Use to Help Plant a Tree

Put your constant phone use to good use by downloading these tree-planting apps!

In recent years, people have become more aware of climate change issues. Thanks to environmental activists like Greta Thunberg and organizations like Greenpeace International, governments are doing more for the environment than they previously did.

Now, it isn’t just non-profit organizations and governments that are trying to do their part in combatting climate change. Even tech companies and brands are doing their share of this global issue through their mobile apps. (Read: Pope Urges Educators to Work Together Against Climate Change)

So if you are someone who wants to make the time spent on your phone more meaningful, why not download these three apps that help replenish our forests?

Tree-Planting Apps: GCash

Photos from GCash Facebook

If you are into online shopping, you’ve probably used Globe’s GCash app at least once. But have you noticed the service ‘GForest’? (Read: GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, – What’s Their Difference?)

If you’ve never clicked on it before, GForest is a tree planting service by GCash which is enabled by the points you earn for the transactions you make. Each transaction— bank transfer, send money, pay bills, and the like— have corresponding points depending on the amount you spend.

These points will allow you to plant a tree, as each virtual tree has a corresponding real-life tree that is planted in different forests and rehabilitation areas around the country.

Tree-Planting Apps: Ecosia

Photos from Ecosia Facebook

Do you constantly find yourself searching for things on Google or a similar browser? Why not put your Google searches to good use by turning searches into a planted tree?

Through the Ecosia browser, each search will give you one point. And for every 45 points, Ecosia’s partner organizations will be planting a tree on your behalf. Ecosia also donates 80% of its earnings to reforestation initiatives, and is a carbon dioxide-negative company.

Tree-Planting Apps: Forest

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Just by the app name itself, you would know that it has something to do with trees and plants. Well, you are not wrong.

Forest is a time management app that enables users to stay focused with what they’re doing. It uses the Pomodoro Technique, which says you should allot 25 minutes at a time for studying or working, then take a break for a while, then go back to working for another 25 minutes. And by not using your phone or being distracted during the 25 minutes, you earn credits which when accumulated can be used to plant real trees in different forests.

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