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These Fashion Idols Are Saving Earth—One ‘Ukay’ Find at a Time!

Follow their lead and save more clothes from going into landfills!

In previous years, wearing what’s “in” or “trendy” has become an unhealthy habit among consumers. Because more and more people are starting to patronize in-season fashion, tons of clothes also end up in the landfills faster than they’re supposed to, paving the way for what is now called “fast fashion” culture.

Unfortunately, the continued patronization of the fast fashion culture has been causing detrimental effects on mother nature. For this year alone, the Wall Street Journal reported that an average consumer buys 68 garments and wears each piece only seven times before disposing of it. This excessive production of clothes generates 10% carbon emissions and contributes to climate change. 

The demand for fast fashion has also become an opportunity for greedy capitalists to exploit workers. Because of the increasing need to catch up on the latest trends in fashion, clothing companies have reportedly delved into unethical work practices—such as hiring children as laborers—in order to produce more clothes at a much lesser cost. (Read: 4 Reasons Why Bamboo Textile Is Your New Fashion Staple)

So how can we stop the fast fashion culture and help save Mother Earth? The answer is simple: Change your shopping habits!

Sustainability advocates are saying that patronizing secondhand clothes especially from ukay-ukay or thrift stores would help lessen the growing number of fashion wastes. And while changing our shopping habits can feel overwhelming and difficult, it is still not impossible. Just take fashion icons Heart Evangelista, Laureen Uy, David Guison, and Maureen Wroblewitz as examples!

Celebrity Ukay-Ukay Ambassador: Heart Evangelista

Photo from Love Marie Escudero YouTube

In one of her vlogs, undisputed fashionista and certified style icon Heart Evangelista visited different ukay-ukay shops in Sorsogon. Aside from clothes, the actress also bought accessories for as low as P20. In the video, Heart even showed how she would style her purchases. (Read: Heart Evangelista on her depression, anxiety: ‘I battled for quite some time’)

Celebrity Ukay-Ukay Ambassador: Laureen Uy

Photo from Laureen Uy YouTube

If you are a true fashion geek, you probably know Laureen Uy—the fashionista behind the blog Break My Style. Many may not know it, but Laureen is a certified “ukay hunter!” Sometimes, she can be seen wearing designer clothes but oftentimes, she brings it on with her ukay finds. (Read: Meet Vince Uy, the Brains Behind ‘Lychees on Pizza’)

Celebrity Ukay-Ukay Ambassador: David Guison

Photo from David Guison YouTube

If you are not yet convinced, just look at David Guison. David is one of the biggest names in the roaster of fashion influencers in the country, yet he still shops on ukay-ukays

Celebrity Ukay-Ukay Ambassador: Maureen Wroblewitz

Photo from Maureen Wroblewitz YouTube

Asia’s Next Top Model cycle five winner Maureen Wroblewitz is also an avid shopper of ukay-ukays. In one of her vlogs, she went ukay-ukay shopping and even shared some tips and advice on how to style your ukay finds. 


Text by Mark Baccay with Aizel Dolom.

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