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5 Celebrities Share Their Biggest Realizations While In Quarantine

5 of our favorite celebrities shared some inspirational stories, and their personal discoveries during the most bleak of times.

Living in a global pandemic hasn’t been easy. For the past couple of months, everyone has been staying at home to self-quarantine in order to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The good side of it? Staying at home has given us plenty of time to get to look deep and know ourselves better. 

Even celebrities have been pretty much active in sharing their personal experiences while in quarantine. Through social media, they are able to connect and share with their followers their everyday activities while self-isolating. To the delight of many, their idols have some inspiring stories about their personal realizations to tell.

Here’s what some of your favorite local celebrities have been up to during the quarantine period. (Read: How Being in Quarantine Made Me Appreciate the Little Things I Took for Granted)

Julie Anne San Jose

Aside from participating in charitable initiatives, GMA’s Julie Anne San Jose has been using her time in learning more about the technical aspects of music and content production.

“I get to be my own technician; I have to do things myself. I have to set up my own equipment and figure out the wiring. I have to make sure my internet connection is stable, and that the audio quality is good. Luckily, my family does help me out,” The 26-year-old singer-actress said in a recent interview.

“I want to keep everyone updated and entertained. I hope to help in my own little way, and that’s through music. And I do hope my music can help uplift the spirits of my followers in this time of crisis,” she added.

Liza Soberano 

Liza Soberano is currently part of Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis’ “Shop and Share” fundraising initiative. The ABS-CBN actress is currently auctioning off her pre-loved items to raise funds for COVID-19 test kits for underprivileged communities.

Aside from that, Liza has been keeping herself busy by doing household chores exercising, spending quality time with her family, and doing charity work to help those serving in the frontlines. (Read: Ronnie Liang, Carol Banawa, and Agot Isidro are now frontliners!)

“Since the lockdown started I’ve constantly been trying to keep myself busy because I get bored easily.” The actress said in an interview. “I have also been keeping myself busy by helping out our frontliners and the less fortunate. We cook meals for the frontliners and we donate relief goods to people in need,” she added.

Maxene Magalona 

Maxene Magalona and her husband Rob Mananquil might be stranded in Bali, Indonesia, at the moment, but they are using their time to be productive and find their inner peace. 

“We are both using this time to reflect and tune inwards as we both believe that this sacred global pause is the perfect time to do inner work and a lot of introspection,” Maxene said in an interview.  “To be completely honest, we have been engaging in a lot of “shadow work” through daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and prayers which we believe is the toughest kind of work as it requires us to dig deep within ourselves and come face to face with our inner demons.” 

“It hasn’t been easy but being stranded here is truly one of the most incredible life-changing experiences we’ve ever had,” she added. 

Kaori Oinuma 

Pinoy Big Brother’s (PBB) Kaori Oinuma is using her quarantine time to learn major lessons about herself and her perspective on life. So far, she has listed three.

“First, I learned that there are still so many things that I need to improve about myself, the young actress says in an interview. “Huwag lang titingin sa isang bagay; tumingin din sa mas malawak na bagay.”

As for the second lesson, Kaori shares that it is her quest to “deepen my understanding about things I already know, and seek to learn about those I do not.” While for the third lesson—and likely the most important—the young actress points out the importance of time.

Bawat segundo, bawat minuto, bawat oras, mahalaga at gawin natin ‘yung mga bagay na sigurado tayong ‘di natin pagsisisihan sa huli. Ipakita natin sa mga mahal natin how much we love them,” Kaori ends. 

Vivoree Esclito

Remaining positive, making personal discoveries, and staying hopeful even during the bleakaest of times have been Vivoree’s goals during the quarantine period.  The PBB star has been focusing on what she can do to maximize the situation, like helping in household chores and reinventing herself. (Read: Five ways to do soul-searching while in quarantine)

“I’ve realized na when we currently have something in our lives, sometimes we tend to forget how important it is and take it for granted,” Vivoree says in an interview. “Even the most ordinary things we do, like going for a walk outside or visiting your friends or relatives you haven’t seen in a while, nakaka-miss din pala gawin.”

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