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3 Celebrity Moms Who Welcomed Their Baby During Quarantine

Kudos to these brave moms who survived the woes of giving birth amid the pandemic!

Giving birth can make any woman feel emotional highs and lows. There’s the excitement of finally meeting your new baby, but there’s also the undeniable nervousness and anxiety that goes along with the idea of actually having to give birth.

Now, imagine all of those emotions rushing in with fear because your due date happens to be during a global pandemic—a scary thought, isn’t it? (Read: Jennylyn Mercado’s Tips To Easing Your Child’s Worries Amid ‘New Normal’)

With the COVID-19 still looming around, it’s a tricky time to be pregnant. From coping with pregnancy hormones to planning a safe trip to the hospital in order to avoid contracting the virus, there are a lot of things to consider. But even if it’s challenging, a child is a blessing no matter what. 

This is exactly what celebrity moms Isabel Oli, Iya Villania, and Max Collins experienced in their past few months of being pregnant while in quarantine. How were these brave women able to cope—not to mention, successfully give birth to their new babies? My Pope investigates!  (Read: 5 Inspirational Filipinos Who Didn’t Let COVID-19 Get Them Down)

Isabel Oli

Celebrity couple Isabel Oli and John Prats have welcomed their third child during the quarantine period in the country. On his Instagram account, Prats shared a photo of their newborn baby girl with the caption, “My Forest,” and a date indicating the child’s birthday. (Read: 5 Ways to Manage Your Finances Amid COVID-19)

Prats, who is a part of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, is currently on a lock-in-taping for the show as part of new guidelines on health and safety due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Malapit na kita mayakap,” Prats also wrote in the caption.

Iya Villania

Iya Villania and Drew Arellano’s family has also grown over the coronavirus lockdown. The celebrity couple welcomed the birth of their third child on Saturday, July 18.

After having two cute boys, Drew shared the first photo of their new baby, Alana Lauren V. Arellano on Instagram. (Read: 5 Celebrity Dads Who Will Celebrate Father’s Day for the First Time)

“Thank you Lord for your protection and in guiding them thru yet another successful normal delivery,” Iya wrote on her Instagram post, thanking all those who helped her during the delivery of baby Alana. 

Max Collins

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Max Collins and Pancho Magno also welcomed their new baby during the quarantine period. The celebrity couple introduced their son Skye Anakin through an Instagram post. 

Magno also shared a video of his wife giving birth at home through a unique method of water birth, which means delivering a baby in the water. He then expressed how amazed he is that Max was able to do it bravely. 

“To my amazing wife, you are also one of the reasons why I believe in God, you did everything with no medications and no tear. There are NO WORDS to describe what you did. I love you and your heart! You are meant to be a mother,” he said.

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