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3 Personalities Who Are Staunch Advocates of Animal Rights

They take their advocacy to heart, and even adopt rescue dogs of their own!

This March, the Philippines is celebrating Rabies Prevention Month, as prescribed in Executive Order No. 84 which also states that appropriate funds must be allotted for anti-rabies policies and programs in the country. The government will hold vaccination programs for both humans and animals to prevent the spread of rabies nationwide.

But aside from the government itself, private individuals and organizations are also doing their part in spreading awareness about rabies, rabies prevention, and responsible pet ownership. And even well-known personalities are advocating for animal welfare, especially for strays who are more susceptible to rabies. (Read: Prayers of St. Francis of Assisi for Beloved Animals)

So if you’re one of those who want to help in the fight against rabies in the country but don’t know how to do so, we suggest that you follow these three personalities for tips and ideas on how to care better for animals!

Animal Advocates: Jelai Andres

Photo from Jelai Andres Instagram

Vlogger-actress Jelai Andres is one of those influencers who really does use their influence for good. She frequently visits animal shelters, donates to them, and even volunteers to help out whenever she has time off her busy schedule.

Jelai is also called the ‘aspin queen’ because she has adopted several aspins (asong Pinoy) whom she showers with all the love and treats she can! She also raises awareness regarding the situation of stray dogs in animal pounds and assists in rescuing these strays from mercy killing or euthanasia. (Read: Pinay Vet Student Feeds up to 40 Stray Animals Thrice a Week)

In July 2020, Jelai fed animals at a rescue shelter in honor of her dog, Chicken, who passed away after contracting canine parvovirus. In a video about Chicken’s passing, the vlogger was keen on sharing that all her dogs have complete vaccines but Chicken still got infected because of unvaccinated stray dogs. This further encouraged her subscribers and casual viewers to get their pets completely vaccinated against canine diseases and illnesses.

Animal Advocates: Carla Abellana

Photo from Carla Abellana Instagram

The Kapuso actress has been a staunch animal welfare advocate even before she entered showbiz. In fact, she had already been volunteering for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) since she was in college, and continues to do so until now. Carla is now a celebrity ambassadress of PAWS and is vocal about animal rights, even calling out the 2016 movie Oro for its dog butchering scene.

She is also very vocal about the cruelty animals, specifically dogs, face in the Philippines and even abroad. Carla adopted two dogs from PAWS–Wing (who passed away last year) and Fly–and continuously donates to animal welfare organizations and helps out dogs in need.

Animal Advocates: Joe Biden

(Left) Then President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. with his adopted dog, Major in 2018. (Photos from Stephanie Gomez/Delaware Humane Association/Associated Press and the Biden Campaign)

Yes, the US President is an animal advocate himself! Joe Biden has two dogs, Champ and Major, who both live with him at the White House. But did you know that Major is a rescue dog that the Biden family adopted? (Read: #AdoptDontShop Trends Online After Death Row Dogs Rescue in Bulacan)

In 2018, Biden’s daughter, Ashley, told her dad of the unfortunate situation of six German Shepherd puppies who were exposed to toxins and needed medical treatment. That’s when he decided to give the Delaware Humane Association a call and told them their family could foster one of the puppies.

And the rest is history, so they say. The Bidens fell in love with the puppy, whom they named Major, and decided to fully adopt him just a few months after they got him from the shelter. Now, Major is the first-ever rescue dog to live in the White House, and the Bidens continue to advocate for the welfare of shelter dogs, and animals in general.

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