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Here’s Why Pinay Celebrities Jump on the Skipping Rope Trend

Get your jumping rope and start skipping like these celebrity #fitspirations!

Being stuck at home due to the community quarantine has forced everyone to be creative—especially when it comes to working out and staying fit. 

Establishing a workout routine during the quarantine period is very important as it helps ease anxiety, relieve stress, and keep the body active. (Read: Three My Pope-approved ways to stay healthy during a quarantine)

But since we cannot step out of the house and work out in gyms and fitness places, many people started looking for easy ways to exercise indoors without the fancy workout equipment and facilities. (Read: We Asked a Fitness Coach: What’s the Best Way to Stay Fit at Home?)

One of the most popular quarantine workouts at the moment is very simple, yet equally effective when it comes to burning calories and fat: the jumping rope. 

Photo by Stoica Ionela on Unsplash

Even the World Health Organization suggests skipping/jumping rope as a must-do exercise while in quarantine. This routine is an effective cardiovascular workout and also helps strengthen the calves, hamstrings, quads, pecs, delts, latissimus dorsi [back], biceps, and abs. 

The jump rope workout is a fun way to exercise, and more and more people are now attesting to how it has made them more active! In fact, celebrities like Kim Chiu, Ellen Adarna, Lovi Poe, and Maja Salvador have also jumped in to this workout trend! (Read: 5 Celebrities Who Are Now a Certified Plant Tito or Plant Tita)

Kim Chiu


In an Instagram post, Kim Chiu shared her impressive jumping rope skills as she takes on the #1000jumpchallenge—an online challenge wherein netizens are asked to do 1,000 jumps on a skipping rope every day for seven days. 

“Making the most of this day10 quarantine! Read on the net doing jump rope can get rid of your lower belly fat (stubborn fats) so I challenged myself to do a 1000 jumps [sic] every day for 7 days! Day 2 of 7!!!” she wrote in the caption. (Watch: Join The Handwash Challenge Today!)

Kim even challenged her fans to do the same workout at home. “You can try this at home too! Stop at every 100 jump if it’s tiring! STRONG MIND IS STRONG BODY!” she said. 

Ellen Adarna


The jumping rope has always been one of Ellen Adarna’s go-to workout routines. Recently, the actress announced on Instagram that Rope Flow Philippines has launched a jump rope named after her. In fact, to encourage more people to live an active lifestyle, Ellen and Rope Flow Philippines will be donating a portion of the proceeds to children in need!

“The ADARNA rope is not only beautiful; it’s also efficient for promoting our fitness goals and mental health goals… PLUS a portion of the proceeds of each rope will be donated to @projectproverbs, an organization that helps orphaned and abandoned kids in the Philippines,” she said.

Lovi Poe


If you are looking for recommendations for a celebrity #fitspiration, Lovi Poe is at the top of our list. Over the past years, the Kapuso actress has been consistent in working out to tone her body and have a more active and healthy lifestyle. Among her favorites, of course, is the jumping rope routine. (Read: 5 Reasons Why Meditation Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine)

On Instagram, Lovi regularly shares videos of her workout routines with the hashtag #LoviYourBody. Most of these videos show off her jump rope tricks and skills—and she is killing every one of it!

Maja Salvador


Maja Salvador is a proud advocate of keeping a healthy and fit body. The Kapamilya actress regularly shares on her Instagram the latest workout routines and challenges that circulate the internet—and it looks like she’s having a lot of fun while trying every one of them!

According to Maja, her favorite routine is one in which she uses a jumping rope for an hour while listening to music as it improves her stamina and focus. This is no surprise at all, as Maja is known to always give her best in everything she does—exercising included!

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