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Three Ways to Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas

With the hubbub of festivities all around—twinkling lights on the windows, unending parties and get-togethers, and the inevitable Christmas rush—people seem to have forgotten the true essence of Christmas which is Jesus Christ. While it is true that giving gifts is thoughtful and rewarding to both the giver and the receiver, it is still somehow saddening to think that “gift-giving” has become the star of the celebration. 

Relive the true meaning of Christmas with these kind acts that show gratitude and love to everyone!

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Volunteer for a good cause.

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(Image source: Anna Earl on Unsplash)

Join charitable activities. Your family, friends, and especially your community will surely appreciate the time you extend to help those in need. Give purpose to your holidays by helping out in any way you can. 

Donate clothes to calamity victims.

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(Image source: Dan Gold on Unsplash)

The Philippines faced a lot of calamities this year—recent natural disasters have left people, animals, and provinces devastated. This holiday season, why don’t you give back and help our brothers and sisters who experienced calamities? This will be a great opportunity for you to share the love beyond your friends and family.

Spend quality time with your loved ones. 

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(Image source: Ann Danilina on Unsplash)

Take a break from material gifts and give the gift of time. Spend a day with your family and reconnect with each other—it doesn’t have to be at a fancy restaurant or a five-star hotel. Do fun activities that you will cherish years later and look back with a smile on your face. You’d be surprised by how spending quality time with your loved ones would make a lasting impression in years to come!


Text by Mark Baccay. 

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