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Celebrate 500 Years of PH Christianity With These Cebuano Dishes!

This jubilee year, why not cook dishes from the place where Christianity in the Philippines was born?

This month, the Philippines is celebrating the 500th year of Christianity in the country. Yes, it’s indeed been 500 years since the Spanish came to our shores and spread the Christian faith throughout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. And Filipino Catholics everywhere are commemorating the historic event through various means.

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) Ecclesiastical Faculties is releasing a special issue of their journal Philippiniana Sacra for the 500 Years of Christianity, dioceses nationwide declared pilgrim churches for the jubilee year, and even Pope Francis himself granted plenary indulgence to Filipinos for the celebration of the 500 years, until April 22, 2022.

But for those who can’t go to churches because of the pandemic, celebrating the event might be a little different. It might be through virtual novenas and Masses, while for others, it could be through food and meals with the family.

And if your kind of celebration is the latter, My Pope Philippines is giving some Cebuano dishes you can cook for the 500-year commemoration! After all, Cebu is where Christianity in the Philippines all started from.

Cebuano Dishes: Humba

Photo from Panlasang Pinoy

For Cebuanos, humba is a staple dish especially during celebrations. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s a symphony of flavors all in one dish! Humba is made of pork belly cut into cubes, with a sauce that’s a mixture of brown sugar, soy sauce, and sometimes even boiled eggs.

For anyone who loves sweet and savory dishes, humba is the perfect one for you! You can find a recipe here.

Cebuano Dishes: Utan Bisaya 

Photo from MAGGI

For a healthier option, why not try utan Bisaya or Visayan vegetable soup? It has a handful of vegetables that will surely give you your daily dose of greens! It has kalabasa, upo, patola, tanglad, okra, alugbati, malunggay, gabi, kamatis, and sibuyas. Seriously, what more can you ask for from this super healthy dish! (Read: Vatican Launches Online Event to Mark Amoris Laetitia Family Year)

You might even be able to make your children eat vegetables because of how good this tastes. Get the recipe here.

Cebuano Dishes: Inun-unan 

Photo from cheray bisaya YouTube

Because it’s also the Lenten Season, we have a meat-free recipe for you. The inun-unan or fish stew is a dish you can serve to your family even on Fridays this Lent, as well as on March 17— the actual date of the beginning of Christianity in the country.

This dish is called paksiw in Tagalog, but the Cebuano version is prepared a bit differently, that’s why you should definitely try it. Find the recipe here.

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