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LOOK: CBTL’s Holiday Tumblers And Starbucks’ 2022 Planner Are Here!

Here’s a perfect present for yourself or your loved ones!

‘Tis the season of collecting stickers from your favorite coffee shops! Get ready for these stylish holiday tumblers from Coffee Bean Tea Leaf and cool 2022 planners from Starbucks. 

Grabbing a cup of coffee is definitely an energizer that keeps us going through the day. But what makes it more satisfying and fun is the thrill of collecting stickers on every purchase to get the merchandise you want from your go-to coffee shop! Call on your family or friends as CBTL unveiled its holiday tumblers, while Starbucks just gave a sneak peek of its upcoming 2022 planners. 

Check out these holiday tumblers and planners, and take your pick as early as now! (Read: 3 Coffee Dessert Recipes to Jumpstart Your Day)

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf merchandise

Photo from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Philippines)

CBTL has kicked off its “Make the Holiday Yours” campaign by launching limited-edition holiday tumblers that are available in four designs: Butter, Cloud, Ocean, and Ash. Each has a matte finish, stylish design, and pretty colors to match your style or holiday mood! It also has a stainless steel body with up to 12 hours of insulation to keep your drinks cold and hot.

You can get these tumblers by collecting 16 stamps through dine-in, take-out, pick-up, or delivery from October 23 to January 15, 2022. Once you’ve completed your stamp card, you can redeem your tumbler at the CBTL store near you! All redeemed tumblers come with 12 coupons worth PHP 2,000, which you can use throughout 2022. You can read the full mechanics here.

But there’s more! Aside from the holiday tumblers, CBTL also released other merchandise, such as new designs of The Swirl Rewards Cards, Idea Brewers notebooks, and mugs! For more information and updates, visit CBTL’s website and Facebook page.

Starbucks 2022 planner

Photos from Starbucks Philippines

Meanwhile, those who have been waiting for the much-sought Starbucks planner are in for a treat!

Since the Christmas season is fast approaching, Starbucks teased a glimpse of its merchandise on Facebook, including the much-anticipated 2022 planner. “Are you ready for the unexpected? Coming your way on November 2,” the post reads. 

Many customers were hyped on the sneak peek and started tagging their friends and families in the comments section! Based on the closer look, there will be two colors of the 2022 planner: white and black. Starbucks also asked the customers in the comments section if they were “Team Black or Team White.” (Read: New Vegan-Friendly Food Items From 7-Eleven And Starbucks You Should Try)

Stay tuned on Starbucks’ Facebook page or website for the official launch of its merchandise on November 2.

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