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5 Priests You Should Subscribe to on YouTube

Technology allows them to spread God’s Word beyond the four walls of the church.

These days, the pulpit isn’t the only platform for priests to deliver God’s messages of hope, faith, peace, and forgiveness. Many have turned to technology and social media as a way to spread the Word of God.

Indeed, with people practically tethered to their smartphones, what a comfort to know that a priest is just a few taps away to provide us with answers to life’s seemingly unsolvable mysteries, or remind us of God’s unceasing love. (Read: The Most Valuable New Year’s Teachings by Pope Francis)

These five priests’ congregations have extended far beyond the four walls of the church. As vloggers with a growing presence on YouTube, they boast a huge following that runs to the hundreds of thousands!

Catholic Priests on YouTube: Fr. Mike Schmitz

It’s no surprise that the American Catholic priest and director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, has a YouTube platform with nearly half a million subscribers.

Fr. Mike has a fun and engaging way of addressing oft-asked questions like “Can I Get a Tattoo?”, “Is Swearing a Sin?” and “Will My Pet Be In Heaven?” But he also tackles thought-provoking topics like “Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?”, “What’s a Sign From God (and What Isn’t),” and “What Does God Want Me to Do?” in his trademark light and conversational style.  

Catholic Priests on YouTube: Rev. Fr. Joseph Fidel Roura  

The parochial vicar of the Basilica Minore of the Immaculate Conception (Malolos Bulacan Cathedral) and man behind the Three Nails and a Crown YouTube channel with 236K subscribers doesn’t just grab you with his rousing, emphatic, and humorous delivery of homilies. (Read: 3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Fr. Joseph Fidel Roura’s Vlogs)

With such reflections as “Kung Ayaw Mo ng Taong Plastik, Eh ‘Wag Kang Magpaka-plastic” and “Bakit Ka Magsesettle Sa Short Time Lang Kung Pupwedeng Forever Naman,” Fr. Fidel has definitely got his finger on the pulse of the Pinoy psyche. 

Catholic Priests on YouTube: Fr. Luciano Felloni

Like Pope Francis, this priest of Italian descent was born in Argentina, and in fact, used to confess to him when he was still a seminarian and the would-be pope was known as Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio. (Read: ‘Almusalita’ by This Vlogger Priest Is What We Need for Everyday Positivity)

Today, the parish priest of the Kristong Hari Shrine of Mary Untier of Knots in the Diocese of Novaliches, uploads his Almusalita YouTube channel with reflections on the day’s gospels. Of late, he’s also been offering tips on how to have a meaningful Lent. The self-described cybermissionary’s fluency in Filipino has endeared him to nearly 8K followers.  

Catholic Priests on YouTube: Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD

Miss the priest with the gentle voice who popularized the saying, “God Bless You, Mama Mary Loves You”? He’s now part of two YouTube channels: Faith Watch, “which aims to deliver to you the best and the latest inside and around the Catholic Church, neatly packaged for the Filipino Catholic.”

Fr. Jerry Orbos also hosts for PassWord TV, where his segment “Just a Moment” absolutely uplifts with minutes-long messages like “How to Let Go and Let God,” “Simplicity is Beauty,” and  “Don’t Forget to say THANK YOU!”

Catholic Priests on YouTube: Fr. David Michael Moses

He’s not even 30 and was just ordained in 2019, yet this American priest at St. Faustina’s in Fulshear, Texas, has short yet thoughtful takes on subjects like “How To Discern God’s Will in 1 Minute,” and the importance of having a plan.

His eponymous YouTube channel with 3K subscribers at the moment also sings and even tried to live like Pope Francis for a day!

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