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My Pope Picks: 3 Catholic Comic Books To Give To Your Kids

Make reading fun and educational for kids!

Every child has probably read at least one comic book in their lifetime, and might have even brought the habit into their adulthood–especially with the likes of Marvel and DC whose stories grew up along with children. Comics have been widely accepted and loved by people around the world for its characters, storylines, and just the overall creativity that had been put into it.

But did you know that even the Church likes comic books? Well, to a degree, of course. In a 1971 pastoral instruction by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, they said that comic books can actually be used by the Catholic Church to teach important lessons and values to its readers. (Read: Need A Fun Yet Informative History Lesson? Listen To PODKAS!)

Potential ‘dangers’

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Of course, they also did warn against the potential “dangers” of comic books. During the 14th World Communications Day, St. Pope John Paul II mentioned that parents should exercise vigilance when letting their children consume any type of media, including comic books.

“Generally, [parents] pay vigilant attention to the type of friends with whom their children associate, but do not exercise a similar vigilance regarding the ideas which the radio, the television, records, papers and comics carry into the “protected” and “safe” intimacy of their homes,” the saint pope said.

He added that checking what children read or watch can help teach them lessons and correct wrong learnings from media. (Read: ‘Kuya Rey’ of The Storytelling Project Makes Reading A Fun Habit)

So what comics are good to give to your kids? Here are some My Pope-approved comic books!

The Picture Bible

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Want to teach kids about the Bible in a simpler, more understandable way? Try making them read The Picture Bible by Iva Hoth and Andre LeBlanc! What’s great about this is it’s not just fun to read, but also Biblically accurate and correct. This means kids will actually get to learn what the Bible wants to teach them.

The Saints Chronicles

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Teach your kids about the courageous and heroics Christians of the past, who eventually became martyrs and saints. Do it through The Saints Chronicles–a series of novels that depict the lives of the saints we now know. It tells the stories in an engaging, kid-friendly manner, and uses colorful images to captivate readers.

The Catholic Comic Book Bible

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Engage your kids in the Scriptures in the Bible through The Catholic Comic Book Bible. It is a series highlighting each Gospel by the four Evangelists: Luke, Matthew, Mark, and John. The Catholic Comic Book Bible includes captivating illustrations and lessons, and depicts important events in the Scripture, in a way that’s easily understandable for kids.

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