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LOOK: 100,000 LED lights brighten up the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica

Visitors can now fully appreciate the finest artworks adorning the basilica!

The day Pope Francis officiated a group wedding at the Vatican

This Valentine's Day, let My Pope take you back to this momentous occassion filled with love and excitement.

Highlights: Pope Francis’ visit to the UAE

Here is a compilation of the Pope's most powerful moments during his visit to the Arabian Peninsula.

Meet Lolo Kiko’s Fabulous Baker!

Angelo Arrigoni and his family have been making bread for all the popes since the 1930s!

The Pope’s Charity Chronicles

With Lolo Kiko, generosity is second nature.

How Pope Francis is proving himself worthy of the title ‘PETA Person of the Year 2015’

As many already know, St. Francis was an animal lover—and it is also an understatement to say that Pope Francis adores lovable critters too!

Meet the Pope’s Acupuncturist!

Lolo Kiko specifically asked for Dr. Liu Ming to treat him.

Pope Francis: ‘In order to pray well, one must have the heart of a child.’

The Santo Papa has this advice on how to pray well.

The most heartwarming moments from Lolo Kiko’s visit to the Philippines

We all wish he would come back and visit us again! But in the meantime, we can still re-experience some of the memorable stories that brought tears to our eyes.

Watch: Pope Francis’ Message for the Youth

"Let us pray the Rosary together for peace, each of us in our own language."

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