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Creative Mom Behind ‘Caricapture By Donna’ Captures Your Fondest Memories With Caricatures

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Donna Pahignalo always loved doing caricatures. But it took her many years to turn her passion into a livelihood.

A wife and working mom of two kids, Donna’s love for caricatures came to fruition just a few years ago when she started Caricapture. And her decision to finally create solo and group caricatures as a side job became her respite from her day job– she works as an art director for a private company. Her artworks became a source of complete and utter joy not just for her but for many of her clients, as well. (Read: This Pinoy Maestro Makes Stunning Paintings of Filipina Women)

Donna shares with My Pope Philippines how Caricapture came to life and how these caricatures have touched the hearts of many. 

Why ‘Caricapture’?

Carica – from the word “Caricature”; Capture – from the word itself “capture”/ “capturing memories or moments”

With your busy schedule, how do you find time to do caricatures?

When I get home from work, I rest for one to two hours and look after my kids. I’m grateful because my husband helps me in taking care of our kids. Then after that, I start doing my caricatures. I don’t know, but my creativity usually kicks in at night (laughs). Even if I do it until the wee hours, if I know my clients would appreciate my final artwork, I don’t mind the sleepless nights. It feels good! (Read: Want A Feel-good IG Feed? Follow These 5 Local Artists On Instagram Right Now)

Photos from Donna Inosanto Pahignalo Facebook

What are the challenges in doing caricatures and how do you overcome them?

Challenges… maybe if there are ‘unlimited’ revisions (laughs). It’s hard on my part. Unlike in corporate or agencies, they charge revision fees. In my case, I just treat them as discounts to my customers so they will be my repeat clients. They don’t know that doing faces is the most tasking of all because it’s the basis of the caricature– they should resemble the client, I cannot magic that. There’s a process even I do it using computers or digital.

Another challenge is doing group portraits because I do it in bulk and the time I allot in doing that is usually only after work. Group caricatures usually take seven to 10 days to make. Solo to two to three characters usually overnight or one day, depending on my priorities each day. (Read: Licensed Teacher Uses Coal, Taal Ash in Making Beautiful Artworks)

Why caricatures?

I thought of it last 2008 when I learned how to use Vexel art– the basics on how to produce that kind of art. I was amazed so I tried and practiced using photos of celebrities at first, and then I thought, why not do it with people I really know? That was in 2010. Then it spread through word of mouth but only within a few people.

Photos from CariCapture by Donna Facebook

My officemate’s brother, Ms. Resty, was one of my first clients who eventually became a loyal customer. When I improved my artwork and style, I posted it officially on Facebook as “CariCapture by Donna”.

Where do you get your ideas? What’s your secret?

I usually get ideas and concepts from my clients– what they want me to create for them, then I just enhance it in the process. My secret? Maybe it’s loving what I do best, appreciating whatever [talent] God has given me, and sharing it.

What is your advice to young artists? 

Practice always makes perfect. Explore and never limit yourself. Thank the Lord for your talent and never forget to share it. (Read: This Artist Paints Romantic Pictures of the Past Using Coffee)

Could you share some of your works and why do you love each of them?

Caricapture for Hazel

Photo courtesy of subject

“I did this family caricature for a dear friend named Hazel in December 2016. It was an anniversary gift for her husband– she wanted it special. I also helped her in surprising her husband when she gave the gift. That time, Hazel was already battling cancer so her husband told me, she wanted every moment special and will be remembered forever. Hazel eventually joined our Creator last May 2017.”

Caricapture for my mother

Photos courtesy of subject and Donna Inosanto Pahignalo Facebook

“I did this family caricature as requested by my own mother as her birthday gift.”

Caricapture for Amia

Photo courtesy of subject

“This was one of the very first group caricatures I did in 2016. It was memorable because my friend’s mother-in-law was very happy to see the whole family in the caricature, including her husband, who already passed away. It looked exactly like him.” (Read: 4 Spiritual Prayers for Dead Loved Ones)

For inquiries, check out Caricapture by Donna on Facebook.

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