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Caloocan Cathedral On Lockdown After Priest Tests Positive On Post-Mortem Swab

Fr. Manuel Jadrique, Jr. passed away while on his way to the church.

Another member of the religious community succumbed to COVID-19. Fr. Manuel Jadraque, Jr. of Caloocan has been inflicted with the virus that led to his passing on Saturday, July 24.

The 58-year-old priest passed away on Saturday, July 24, due to a heart attack while on his way to the church. According to Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of Kalookan, Fr. Jadraque took a tricycle from Monumento to get to the church, but when they arrived, the priest was found unresponsive and pale.

He was rushed to the Caloocan City Medical Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

While the initial cause of his death was heart attack, Bishop David took the liberty of having Fr. Jadraque swabbed post-mortem. He says that this was because there have been reports of COVID-19 related heart attacks that happened in the past. (Read: Archbishop Urges Tacloban Residents To Get COVID-19 Vaccine)

San Roque Cathedral, Caloocan (Photo from Ralff Nestor Nacor/Wikipedia)

Caloocan Cathedral lockdown

The post-mortem swab turned out positive. “We have no way of finding out if the heart attack had been triggered by Covid despite the fact that he had been fully vaccinated already,” Bishop David said, “We also do not know which strain of COVID it was.”

With the result, the Caloocan Cathedral is currently put under a ‘temporary lockdown’. The Kalookan Bishop also asked the local government to have Fr. Jadraque’s specimen submitted for genome sequencing to find out which variant had infected him.

At least five priests from different parts of the country have already succumbed to COVID-19 since 2020.

Effects of the pandemic

COVID-19 has infected millions in the country that most of us probably know a relative, a friend, a co-worker, or an acquaintance who had a positive COVID-19 result. Doctors, healthcare workers, regular citizens, and even members of the religious community couldn’t avoid the health effects of the pandemic.

Of the over one million cases the Philippines has logged, majority were lucky enough to go back home healthy and with a negative swab test result.

But 27,318 individuals weren’t as lucky as the majority of COVID-19 patients. Their bodies couldn’t handle COVID-19 and eventually succumbed to the disease. (Read: Here’s The Truth About The Delta COVID-19 Variant That You Should Know)


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