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3 Easter Bunny Recipes You Should Try With the Kids

Make this Easter Sunday still memorable even with the pandemic!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, which means children will be expecting the Easter Bunny to make a visit to their homes. But given the current situation— a pandemic and quarantine in place— such tradition might not be happening this year.

Still, this doesn’t mean that kids can’t enjoy Easter Sunday. After all, there are Easter bunny-inspired recipes that you can make for or with them this year! (Read: 3 Ways to Observe Holy Week While on Lockdown)

My Pope Philippines lists three Easter bunny dessert recipes you can serve for your family tomorrow. Check them out below!

Easter Sunday Recipes: Bunny Rolls

Photo from Taste of Home

If you enjoy pastries with characters, drawings, or is shaped into a character you know, you would most likely enjoy these Easter bunny rolls! The rolls are shaped into a bunny which makes it more fun to eat.

Munch on this great snack option for you and your kids this Easter. Find the recipe here.

Easter Sunday Recipes: Bunny Cake

Photo from Food Network

A visit from the Easter bunny would just be exciting, right? But what if it comes in the form of a cake? It wouldn’t be the actual bunny itself, but it will do in the meantime! (Read: What Do Eggs Have to Do With Christ’s Resurrection?)

This Easter bunny cake is just as cute and adorable as the real thing— just 10 times sweeter. And what’s great is you can let your kids decorate it however they want! Follow the procedure here.

Easter Sunday Recipes: Bunny Cream Tart

Photo from Love Swah Blog

This pastry is somewhat a combination of the two recipes above. It’s a small pastry (just like the rolls) and has decorations and cream on top of it (just like the cake). But what’s great about this is you can make it as healthy as you want.

You can put fruits as toppings and the kids will surely eat it because it tastes great with it! This cream tart is another way to make them eat fruits. Check out the recipe here.

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