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Miss Bookstores? Browse Through These Online Shops!

Let's admit it, we can never have enough books.

If you’re a book lover, you most likely practice tsundoku, the Japanese word for acquiring books and piling them up at home with (or without) the intention of reading them.

Why do people collect books? Bibliophiles can’t get enough of the smell of crisp new pages and the way a book feels in their hands.  Whatever the reason, a book is a worthy investment and if you never get around to reading it, you can always give it to someone who will. (Read: 5 Unique Japanese Principles That Everyone Should Follow)

Here are seven online booksellers that will support our tsundoku!

Bookstores Online: Fully Booked

Photos from Fully Booked Facebook

Fully Booked continues to operate its physical stores in and out of the metro. Still, you can always score best sellers and order up-and-coming titles ahead of everybody through its website. There’s free shipping for orders worth P799 and up.

Bookstores Online: Booksale

Photo from Booksale Facebook

Who hasn’t spent hours immersed in serious book hunting in a Booksale outlet? Now our favorite bargain book place has gone online on Facebook and Shopee. Find a book for every member of the family. (Read: How BTS Inspired This Author to Write Best-Selling Fanfics)

Bookstores Online: Books For Less

Photo from Books for Less Bookstore Facebook

Hard-to-track titles at affordable prices can be had at Books For Less. If you still can’t go to its stores in the mall, check out a wide range of titles, grouped according to category, through its website. Its Book Search assistance alerts you once your desired title is available. 

Bookstores Online: The Book Snoop

Photos from The Book Snoop Facebook

The Book Snoop captures book lovers’ fancy with its drool-worthy uploads of elusive titles from a vast array of categories. Book images come with their price and brief descriptions like “Paperback,” “Hardbound,” “Very Good,” and “Huge.” Check out its Facebook page—the book you’ve long been looking for might just be among the generous batch of uploads. (Read: 4 Children’s Books That Inspire and Empower Little Girls)

Bookstores Online: Tsundoku Books

Photos from Tsundoku Books Instagram

Here’s an online bookstore after our own heart. Tsundoku Books doesn’t just present bestsellers by Japanese authors; there are titles by Western writers, too. Besides the photo and price, each book comes with a short description of its physical condition. Read instructions on how to reserve and buy books through its “How to Order” section on its Instagram account.

Bookstores Online: Roel’s Bookshop

Photos from Roel’s Bookshop Facebook

Bibliophiles from Quezon City might have made a stomping ground out of Roel’s Bookshop along the hip Maginhawa Street. Rare, out-of-print books (particularly in philosophy and social sciences) are the specialty of this bookshop established in 2009. See if Roel’s carries your treasured titles though its website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

Bookstores Online: Ubuy

Photos from Ubuy Philippines

Still can’t find the book that you want? Try Ubuy, an e-commerce website that sells over 50 million items— books included— to online shoppers in over 90 countries. Type “books” on the search engine and look for the title you want. Sourcing is usually through the US, but you can also search the UK, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea. (Read: Ramil Sumangil Beats All Odds With ‘Books for a Cause’)

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