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3 Brownout-Friendly Recipes

Prepare these in advance to prepare for typhoons and power outages.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has formally declared the start of the rainy season. Filipinos can expect typhoons and floods in low-lying areas within the next few months. And with these comes the brownouts and power outages.

One of the problems that arise during power outages is what to do with the food that’s stored in the refrigerator. It will, most likely than not, spoil. Good thing, you can prepare food that doesn’t spoil easily. Prepare these meals during an expected power outage. Here are some of them.

Food with Long Shelf Life: Paksiw

Photo from Asian Food Network

Paksiw is one of the Filipino dishes that heavily uses vinegar. Despite the strong sour flavor, we still love it especially when it’s fresh from the stove. And because it uses lots of vinegar, it also has a longer shelf life compared to other dishes–perfect for when you experience power outages.

Get the recipe here.

Food with Long Shelf Life: Adobo Flakes

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We all know that adobo is known for being a dish that doesn’t spoil easily because of the soy sauce and vinegar in it. But it can be difficult to eat in the dark during power outages because you’d have to slice and separate the meat from the bone, plus it has sauce which could lead to a messy mealtime. So why not turn it into flakes which you can easily eat? It has the same shelf life as adobo, but is easier to eat!

Follow the recipe here.

Food with Long Shelf Life: Olive Oil and Tuna Pasta

Photo from Familystyle Food

Don’t want to be hassled with cooking rice during a brownout? Then you might want to make this olive oil and tuna pasta ahead of time before a typhoon. It doesn’t have tomatoes or sauces, and just has oil which doesn’t spoil easily. You can just reheat it if the situation permits to keep it fresh.

Read the recipe here.

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