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3 Pinay Celebs Who Survived Breast Cancer, Support Awareness

Like these celebrities, we can help spread awareness on our own little ways!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to spread awareness on how to fight the disease that has been affecting a large population of women over the years. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is by far the most common cancer among women worldwide, having 2.1 million women being diagnosed each year.  In 2018 alone, around 627,000 women died from breast cancer—that is almost 15% of all cancer deaths among women. (Read: Pope Francis grants cancer survivor’s wish with papal kiss)

In order to improve breast cancer survival, spreading awareness about the disease is very important. Another way to help is to give support and donations to institutions that are dedicated to the cause, such as the ICanServe Foundation and the Kasuso Foundation

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is also a time where women around the globe get together to stand up for the cause. This includes numerous celebrities who have also suffered or are currently battling the disease. In the Philippines, particularly, celebrities like Daiana Menezes, Maritoni Fernandez, and Jaymee Joaquin have joined the cause.

Breast Cancer Survivor: Daiana Menezes

Photo from inDai Daiana Menezes YouTube

Two years ago, Brazilian model and former host of the long-running noon-time show Eat Bulaga Daiana Menezes got diagnosed with breast cancer. She was triple positive stage 2b. 

“There’s not a particular degree of difficulty that we can put in words when you get diagnosed with cancer. No matter what type, your world just seems to fall apart,” Daiana says. (Read: Xian Lim Grants Wish of His Lola Who Was Diagnosed With Cancer)

Fast forward to 2020, Daiana is now enjoying her normal life as she recovers from the disease. She also shares her journey to recovery on her YoutTube channel

Breast Cancer Survivor: Maritoni Fernandez

Photos from Maritoni Fernandez-Dayrit Instagram and ICanServe Foundation, Inc. Facebook

Maritoni Fernandez was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer when she was 30 years old. Luckily enough, the now 51-year-old actress has been cancer-free for almost 20 years.

“I am a 20-year survivor and you’d think I’m used to the drill by now, but every check-up still brings with it a flood of emotions,” Fernandez said on her Instagram post on Tuesday, October 6. Over the years, she also found the light as an ambassador for the ICANSERVE Foundation

Breast Cancer Survivor: Jaymee Joaquin

Photo from Jaymee WINS YouTube

The former TV host and model was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer in 2016. However, just when she thought that she has already won the fight against the disease, she was again diagnosed with cancer for the third time in 2019.

Despite this, Jaymee continues to look for the positive side and spread awareness on her IG account.  “I just wanna raise awareness to anybody who’s watching to please be very vigilant with your breast health. That’s all the best we can do right now, because apparently there’s still no cure,” she said in a recent interview

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