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Bored? Stimulate your senses with these 10 websites

Because we could all use a jolt from our predictable routine.

Though it’s hard to imagine being bored these days, what with all the options available to keep us constantly entertained and preoccupied (think books, social media, Netflix, video games, YouTube, Spotify, exercise, and oh yes, work), sometimes we just need a little break or an unexpected jolt from our predictable routine.  

Here are 10 websites with not-so-mindless games and pursuits that help cure occasional bouts of boredom. (Read: Ben&Ben on Being Productive in Quarantine: “It Is Not an Obligation”)

Find the invisible cow

Use your mouse and cursor (plus an annoying voice that keeps saying “cow” and grows louder as you get warmer) to, well, find the invisible cow in this website.

Flash by Night

Websites to Cure Boredom Aside From Social Media
Photo from Flash by Night

If you’re into quizzes, this website has several to sharpen your brain and maybe learn a thing or two. From word and number games to trivia like “Are you Smart or Stoopid,” they’ll keep you happily preoccupied.


Photo from MapCrunch

Got cabin fever from all the lockdowns and work-from-home orders? Head over to this website, which shows random street views from all around the world, courtesy of Google Earth. (Read: WATCH: DOT Gives Tips for Safe Travels in Breathtaking Video Ad)

Radio Garden

Photo from Radio Garden

Tired of hearing the same old people and sounds on AM and FM? Find out what the rest of the world is listening to on this website that tunes you in to the radio stations of any country or city of your choice in real-time.

100,000 Stars

People who rarely look up at the sky, especially at night, will be amazed by the visuals of this website that show an overwhelming view of the galaxy plus interesting facts on our solar system.  

You’re Getting Old!

Photos from You’re Getting Old!

Type your birthday here and discover interesting trivia about yourself (such has the total number of candles on your cake so far, and the number of breathes you’ve taken and counting) and the things that happened on your special day through the years. (Read: The true meaning of birthdays, according to Pope Francis)

Fact Slides

Photo from Fact Slides

Learn something new every day through this website that dispenses fun and informative facts on a wide variety of categories. 

Decision Maker

Photos from Decision Maker

Pretty much like the Magic 8 Ball, simply ask a question answerable by yes or no and click here.


Photo from Circular

Challenge yourself to draw a perfect circle here. The higher your score, the better!

Activity Suggestion

Photo from Activity Suggestion

If these websites are not enough, pet the cat of this website for fun ideas to pursue, raging from “Teach Your Dog A New Trick” to “Write A List Of Things You Are Grateful For” and the number of humans required to do it.

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