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The Best Book, Film, & Podcast to Feed Your Wanderlust

Enrich your imagination with these feel-good recommendations!

Due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling for leisure has been prohibited in most parts of the Philippines. The country’s strict quarantine guidelines only allow essential flights such as transporting goods and servicing Filipinos who are headed back to their respective provinces.

While having to cancel that well-anticipated trip and rebooking a flight can be quite daunting to many, we have to remind ourselves that these little sacrifices are meant to serve the greater good. So while you stay at home and wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to ease down, why don’t you find other ways to travel and feed your wanderlust?

Yes, you read that right. You can still pursue that much-deserved vacation without having to break any protocol! Read on as My Pope introduces you to the best book, film, and podcast to soothe your traveler self!

Book: The Forest

Photos from Valerio Vidali

Naturalist John Muir famously said, “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.” This art-filled book by Ricardo Bozzi lets you experience just that! Its magnificent textures, die-cuts, gatefolds, and cutouts soothe readers of any age. (Read: An Expert’s Tip to Instilling Faith in Young Children)

But more than its artistic value, The Forest looks at the mountains as a metaphor for the journey that is life. Much like we are observers of nature, we are also observers of our experiences. We see a young forest and a young child, witness the forest grow thicker and a child becomes a man or a woman. Ultimately, Bozzi wants us to see a full-blown forest like our adult lives enriched with experiences until our inevitable demise.

Want a copy of The Forest? Grab one now on Amazon.

Film: Amélie

Photos from Miramax

This charming rom-com by Jean Pierre Jeunet is sure to fuel your wanderlust! Enjoy the ultra-picturesque Paris as it becomes the backdrop for the narrative of Amélie—the heroine whose personal mission to help others eventually brings her love in return. Bonus: You’ll also enjoy the conquests of her dad’s traveling gnome! (Read: Experience France through these My Pope-approved films!)

Watch Amélie now on Netflix.

Podcast: Women Who Travel

Photo from Condé Nast Traveler

Are you a woman who loves—or dreams—to travel the world? Condé Nast has the best podcast for you. Women Who Travel covers not just the narrative of women who go out and about to explore different places. It also relates traveling with the simple pleasures of life—food, art and culture, tourist spots—and the modern-day issues that can bring women to a greater understanding of the world—how it works and their rightful place in it. (Read: 5 Influential Filipina Women Who Prove Hard Work Pays Off)

Listen to Women Who Travel now on Spotify.

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