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3 Bologna Recipes to Celebrate the Feast of St. Catherine

Contrary to assumptions, St. Catherine of Bologna isn't the patron saint of this meat dish!

On this day in 1943, Catherine di Vigri died at just 49 years old. March 9 also became her feast day after she was canonized by Pope Clement XI in 1712 for her undeniable piety and the miraculous instances she experienced. After her canonization, Catherine became known to the world as Catherine of Bologna, where was born in 1413.

Contrary to popular belief, St. Catherine of Bologna is not the patron saint of the food called bologna (she is actually the patron of artists, as she was an artist and writer herself). The only ‘real’ thing that connects Catherine and bologna is that they both originate from Bologna, Italy— but other than that, nothing else is common between them! (Read: 3 Food Items Named After Saints)

But since we’ve mentioned the bologna (or baloney), some of you are now probably craving it (apologies!). But worry not, because My Pope Philippines came prepared— here are three recipes that you can make using bologna!

Bologna Recipes: Bologna and Cheese Rollups

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If you’re looking for an easy recipe you can serve even for kids, you should add this bologna and cheese rollup to your meal rotation! You can make this in less than an hour, using just a handful of ingredients that can easily be bought from the supermarket.

Plus, you can not only just eat for dinner, but for merienda and even midnight snack as well! Follow the recipe here.

Bologna Recipes: Fried Bologna Casserole

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Want to cook a full meal that doesn’t take up too much time? Try this fried bologna casserole that has potatoes for carbs, bologna for some protein, and onions for a bit of vegetables. And it also has cheese for added flavor! (Read: 3 All-White Meals for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception)

All it takes is around 40 minutes of your day to prepare this delicious dish which everyone will surely love. You can find the recipe here.

Bologna Recipes: Bologna Hotdish

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Pasta lovers have to try this bologna hotdish recipe out! Hotdish is similar to casseroles, it’s just that it mainly uses rice or pasta. There is nothing complicated in making this dish, that’s why anyone can make it and not have any problems with it!

All you need is a pasta of your choice, bologna, milk, creamed corn, mushroom soup, and sugar— easy as that! Read the procedures here.

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