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Recreate Heart Evangelista’s Blinged-out Halo-halo With These 3 Vegan Recipes

It still works without the gold flakes, though!

Last week, actress and socialite Heart Evangelista wowed the netizens after posting a photo of fancy halo-halo on her Instagram with the caption “Blinged-out halo-halo,” tagging Bling Empire star Kane Lim. 

The expensive-looking halo-halo has gold bling on the ice—it’s the most sosyal Filipino dessert we’ve ever seen! In the comments section, Crazy Rich Asian author Kevin Kwan asked where she had the halo-halo and Heart revealed that Filipino-American Pastry Chef Sally Camacho Mueller prepared it. In a separate Instagram post, the chef said the halo-halo is vegan and made with ube glace, buko pandan tapioca, azuki beans with ginger, mango, nata de coco, coconut vanilla crema, shaved ice topped with gold leaf. 

It probably tastes more delicious than we can imagine. If you’d like to try it for yourself or you want to flex a “blinged-out halo-halo too, check out these vegan halo-halo recipes below! (Read: Fun fact: The halo-halo is originally Japanese!)

Vegan Halo-halo: Halo-halo fruit mix

Photo from Astig Vegan blog

Instead of using all the ingredients from the usual halo-halo, you may narrow it down to five ingredients! This one is the most convenient halo-halo recipe as it only requires a sweet fruit mix available in markets or grocery stores. For a healthier alternative, use coconut milk or soy milk. Try to add toasted rice flakes or rice crisps for an added crunch! Recreating the gold bling is a tough challenge, but a simple vegan halo-halo might be enough to satisfy your cravings!

Get the recipe here.

Vegan Halo-halo: Halo-halo with vegan ube ice cream

Photo from Floured Frame blog

Halo-halo is incomplete without leche flan and ube on top! For a unique and healthier take on the traditional halo-halo, make a vegan version of leche flan and ube ice cream. Yes, you heard it right! Ube ice cream will serve as an alternative to ube halaya. It might be challenging because you’ll need to prepare the vegan leche flan and ube ice cream separately, including pandan jelly, which is optional. Despite the long process, it is worth the effort! A pre-made halo-halo mix was used for the main ingredients, along with sweet red bean, sweet white beans, and macapuno strips. Other optional mix-ins are bananas, jackfruit, sweet corn, corn flakes, rice puff cereal, and tapioca pearls. (Read: 4 Kinds of Halo-Halo You Need to Try At Least Once)

Get the recipe here

Halo halo chia pudding

Photos from Rezel Kealoha blog

Replace the common halo-halo ingredients with something that already tastes good on its own, like chia pudding! Use jackfruit and ube chia pudding as a substitute for sugar to make it more nutritious. For this recipe, you need to prepare the jackfruit and ube chia pudding separately as well. Layer it up on a glass or bowl, then add diced mangoes and pineapples! Another special ingredient you need to make is the pandan puffed quinoa, but it is easier to prepare than chia pudding. For an added crunch and flavor, use fruit crisps, pandan powder, and pandan puffed quinoa as toppings!

Get the recipe here

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