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Bishops in Peru Call For ‘Ethical Politics’ Amid Upcoming Elections

They are urging political parties to respect electoral rules and official vote results ahead of the April 11 elections.

The bishops’ conference of Peru is urging political parties to respect electoral rules, ethical commitments, official vote results in light of the country’s national elections tomorrow, April 11.

In an appeal letter released last Monday, the Episcopal Conference of Peru highlighted the need for a serene climate where voters can effectively practice health protocols and electoral committees efficiently facilitate respect for the voting process.

“In the past five years, democracy has been seriously undermined by the succession of four Presidents and two Congresses,” the bishops said in the letter. (Read: Catholic Group Urges Filipino Voters to Register for the 2022 Elections)

They are referring to Peru’s current situation wherein citizens are being hampered to pursue integral development, consolidate democratic institutions, and deal effectively with the pandemic.

Ethical Politics

In light of this, the bishops echoed Pope Francis’ call for “ethical politics,” insisting that government leaders should work toward the common good, promote care for those who are in need, and pursue dialogue, justice, reconciliation, and service to others.

The bishops also urged all citizens to exercise their democratic right and perform their duty to vote, because the “future is in their hands.” (Read: Hey, Catholics! Bishop Pabillo Has This Advise for the 2022 Elections)

They then stressed the need for an informed, quick, and reliable election results, as these can help dispel existing doubts and avoid confusion about the election process.

“The pandemic must not prevent the holding of free and fair, transparent and responsible elections,” the bishops wrote.

People await to receive medical attention outside the emergency area at a Hospital in Lima (Photo from AFP or licensors/Vatican News)

COVID-19 in Peru

As of writing, Peru has recorded over 1,600,000 COVID-19 infections and more than 53,000 deaths. The country is now being considered as one of the Latin American nations that are critically struggling to contain the surge in new coronavirus cases.

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