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LOOK: This ‘Lakas Depensa Kit’ Gives Medical Workers a Much-Needed Boost

The new Birch Tree Adult Boost is perfect for frontliners who need strong immune systems.

Healthcare workers have been the backbone of the Philippines’ fight against COVID-19. They have been tirelessly helping patients get better, working round the clock just to provide care for those who contracted the deadly disease.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of their work, a percentage of Filipino healthcare workers also got infected with COVID-19. In fact, back in August, 6,735 medical frontliners have already been infected, and as of September, 58 of them have already succumbed to the disease. (Read: Cardinal Tagle Opens up About COVID-19 Experience)

While this is very alarming, these frontliners are not stopping from doing what they promised to do—save lives. This is why different organizations, groups, and individuals are helping these modern-day heroes in any way they can, just to thank them for their service. And one of those helping out is Birch Tree Milk.

Lakas Depensa Bags

Photo courtesy of Birch Tree Media Relations

Birch Tree, a popular milk brand in the country, recently provided medical staff at the East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) and Philippine General Hospital (PGH) with Lakas Depensa Bags. These bags are medical kits that contain the basic daily necessities of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and all others who work at the hospital, and their new Birch Tree Adult Boost.

The Birch Tree Adult Boost is their new milk formula filled with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Iron—perfect for those who need energy and immune boost. “The ones who need the first defense really are our frontliners,” said Ray Guinoo, Marketing Director of Century Pacific Food – Dairy Division.

“We started to roll-out in a few hospitals that are highly exposed to COVID-19 patients, and therefore most of the medical staff are exhausted, so they need to drink the milk which is inside the Lakas Depensa kits that can help boost their immune systems and continue to stay healthy, so that they can continue their important work in the community, keeping everyone healthy,” Guinoo added.

Photo courtesy of Birch Tree Media Relations

Hospital staff who were given the kits appreciated the gesture, with one nurse at the PGH Pediatric Ward saying, “This is a very kind gesture, recognizing that we work long, tiring hours in difficult conditions, and our own immune systems are pushed to the max, someone is concerned with our health. And we are grateful for that.” (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!)

EAMC and PGH are two hospitals that have been accepting some of the 413,000+ COVID-19 cases in the country since the pandemic started. Because of the number of patients and lack of hospital staff, some of them have to cover double shifts just to cater to the number of patients.

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