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LIST: The Best Wedding Dresses We’ve Seen on Screen

These dresses are stunning and gorgeous that we want to wear them for ourselves!

June is known as the ‘wedding month’ most likely because it is heavily associated and even named after the Roman goddess of love and marriage, Juno. Surely, everyone knows at least one couple whose wedding anniversary is in June!

But June wedding or not, brides always want to be the most beautiful woman on this special day. For most women, this day only happens once in their lifetime, giving them the need to feel and look their best on their wedding day. And this happens even on shows!

The characters we watch in movies and TV series also want to look their best on their special day. This is why we see some intricately designed and amazing dresses when there’s a wedding scene in what we’re watching. (Read: Your Top 5 Wedding Questions – Answered!)

So My Pope Philippines is listing some of the best and most beautiful TV and movie wedding dresses we’ve seen, so you can also be inspired by them if you’re planning a wedding soon!

Wedding Dress on Screen: Mamma Mia

Photos from Everett Collection and Universal Pictures

The music from ABBA is the main reason we all love watching and re-watching Mamma Mia. The out-of-the-blue musical performances from the characters make us want to stand up from our seats and start karaoke-ing to ABBA. But have you ever noticed that Mamma Mia also has some beautiful costumes?

One of the eye-catching outfits we love is Sophie’s (Amanda Seyfried) wedding gown! The outfit made by costume designer Ann Roth isn’t your usual lacy type of gown— it is flowy, laidback, and tiered, which makes her look like a goddess! Matched with bare feet, mermaid hair, and a floral headpiece, Sophie looked so ethereal in that scene.

Wedding Dress on Screen: Funny Face

Photos from Paramount Pictures/Stefan Kohli and Pinterest

One would think that for weddings, it is always long gowns with meter-long trains. But this look from Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face proves otherwise. (Read: This Designer Sponsored Three Frontliners’ Wedding Gowns)

This mid-calf length satin and tulle dress in a classic silhouette was designed by Audrey’s personal couturier, Hubert de Givenchy— founder of the House of Givenchy! It is so chic that it makes Audrey’s look so elegant, even if it isn’t floor length. Of course, she pairs it with kitten heels that are classy but easy to walk in, a pair of gloves, and a short veil!

Wedding Dress on Screen: Downton Abbey

Photos from ITV

Fans of period fashion, especially the early 20th-century fashion, definitely love this dress from Downton Abbey. The silk tulle dress Rose wore had carefully-stitched beads with a short train and straight neckline looked all kinds of regal. It was paired with a pair of cream-colored gloves that showed just enough skin.

Rose also doesn’t wear a veil on her head, and instead uses a beaded headdress with flowers to complement the gown. The dress was designed by costume designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins.

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