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5 Places Where To Get The Best Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with these delightful mooncakes!

It’s the season again to find the best mooncakes in celebration of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, also called Mooncake Festival, on September 21! 

If you aren’t familiar with the treat, mooncake is made of a dough pastry with a dense and rich filling that is usually sweet, but there are savory flavors, as well. 

In traditional Chinese culture, the round shape of mooncakes symbolizes the unity of families, abundance, harmony, and luck. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese also believe that the moon is at its brightest and fullest size, coinciding with harvest time in the middle of Autumn.

Some Filipinos have also adapted the practice of giving mooncakes as gifts to their friends or relatives on this occasion. Because of this, different stores are offering modern versions of mooncakes now. Of course, we want to get the best mooncakes that are perfect for this celebration!

Here are places to get the best mooncake to gift your friends and family– or maybe just to eat by yourself. (Read: 3 ‘Lucky Foods’ You Can Eat This Chinese New Year)

Eng Bee Tin

Photo from Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli Facebook

Eng Bee Tin is famous for flavorful and affordable Chinese delicacies, such as hopia, tikoy, glutinous balls, and mooncakes. Last month they released the limited edition XO Floss Mooncake—just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival! What makes it special is the XO sauce made from a combination of dried scallops, dried shrimps, and cured ham. It has an umami taste best paired with dimsums, seafood, fried rice, and even plain rice. You can check other mooncake flavors here!

It is available in any Eng Bee Tin, Mr. Ube Rice, and Noodle House stores. You can also have it delivered via Shopee, Lazada, and Ube Delivery.

Hong Kong MX

Photo from Hong Kong MX Products Philippines 美心食品 Facebook

Hong Kong MX offers a variety of mooncake series: traditional, lace mooncake, lava and custard, snowy, and character! No wonder why a lot of celebrities love to buy from this store. The traditional series has flavors like white lotus seed paste and red bean paste, while the lace mooncake series combines the popular molten dessert technique with traditional mooncakes that have a hybrid of aromas, flavors, textures. The lava and custard series, it is infused with creamy and gooey custard. If you prefer a fruity flavor, you better opt for the snowy series. The kids will surely enjoy the character series as it features adorable minion designs! (Read: Here’s Where to Get the Famous Brownie Hopia and Nutella Buchi)

You can place your orders through their website. For more information, visit their Facebook or Instagram.

The Peninsula Manila

Photo from The Peninsula Manila Facebook

The Peninsula Manila is bringing back their signature mooncakes– all the way from Hong Kong! One of their best-sellers is the Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes, it has a leche flan-esque filling that is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth! All their mooncakes come in pretty packaging suitable as a gift to your family or friends this Mid-Autumn Festival! 

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page

The Hungry Chef

Photo from Nathaniel Uy Instagram

Taste one of the best mooncakes in Manila at the Hungry Chef! It offers sweet and savory mooncakes that will suit anyone’s taste buds. Chef and social-media personality Nathaniel Uy has a unique take on mooncakes. His specialty is the Empress Mooncake, which is made of a single yolk and XO sauce that creates a sweet and savory flavor. Other flavors are plain lotus, single-yolk lotus, double-yolk lotus, plain black bean, single-yolk black bean, and double-yolk black bean.

Just fill out this form to order. Make sure to place your orders as early as you can because slots are limited per week. (Read: 5 Snacks You Can Make With Pancake Mix)

Conrad Manila

Photos from Conrad Manila Facebook

Get fancy for the Mid-Autumn Festival with these lovely and luscious mooncakes! Conrad Manila introduces Jereme Leung’s selection of deluxe and handcrafted mooncakes called China Blue. It is available in three flavors: baked red bean single salted egg yolk, baked white lotus single salted egg yolk, and baked fragrant pandan with taro in charcoal. The beautiful packaging is definitely perfect as a present. You can also display it or use it as a bag!

Just fill out this form to order. For more information, visit their Facebook or Instagram

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