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LIST: The Best Food Items to Donate for Disaster Victims

They are non-perishable and require little to no equipment use.

Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses have left thousands of families in several parts of Luzon homeless, hungry, and living in evacuation centers. Many lost their homes—and even loved ones—due to strong winds and torrential rainfall, hence they were left with no choice but to rely on other people’s help and donations.

This is also why numerous organizations and individuals have set up donation drives for the affected communities. Some of these groups request monetary donations to help fund their relief efforts, while others ask for in-kind donations such as clothing and food. (LIST: Where to Give Food Donations for Typhoon Ulysses Victims)

But what food should we be actually donating to the typhoon victims? Worry not as My Pope lists four of the most preferred food items for donation, given the current situation of the victims in evacuation centers.

Food to Donate: Bottled Water

Photo from Financial Tribune

Everybody knows that water is essential for one to live their day to day life. But with the current situation in the Bicol region, water quality in the area may be unsafe for humans (and even animals) to drink. This is why those who are planning to donate to victims are highly encouraged to provide clean and potable water.

Food to Donate: Single-Serve Snacks

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Single-serve snacks such as crackers and cereals are ideal donation items as these do not require to be kept in pantries or shelves after opening. This type of food also makes it easier for evacuees to not worry about keeping it sealed and fresh—especially when they have no means to do so. (Read: 5 Food Must-Haves in Your Emergency Kit)

Food to Donate: Canned Meals

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Canned meals are usually ready to eat and require no cooking or heating to be edible—traits that are especially helpful to evacuation centers that do not have the proper equipment to cook and heat food. And as the evacuees have limited items with them, it is also important to note that cans that have built-in can openers are more preferred for donations. (Read: 3 Organizations You Can Donate to for Children Going Hungry)

Food to Donate: Sports Drinks

Photo from Paul Sakuma / AP / NPR

Sports drinks somewhat give you a boost when you’re feeling under the weather—which is what many typhoon victims experience, given that they are cramped up in evacuation centers and have no proper items to protect them from the cold weather. This type of drink can also serve as an added fluid to continuously hydrate one’s body. And what’s good is that they do not necessarily have to be refrigerated and/or kept in a special setting to stay in a good condition.


Text by Katie Rojas with Aizel Dolom.

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