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Mom shares an effective (and creative!) trick to make her kids eat their veggies

All parents know how hard it is to let their children eat, especially when it comes to vegetables. Children would end up not eating their packed lunch when they don’t like what their parents prepared for them.

Kat Maderazo, mom of three, is not new to this experience as she found it difficult to make her eldest daughter eat the packed lunch she prepares. This is when she discovered the art of making bento boxes, which resulted in her daughter eating her baon. She ended up doing it for her son as well when he started to become a pickier eater. “It makes my kids happy and it’s my way of expressing my love for them,” she shares.

Even though creating bento boxes means longer time preparing her kids’ lunches, Kat says it gives her a sense of fulfillment because her kids come home with full stomachs and empty containers. She shares tips and tricks and things she’s learned along the way to other parents through Bento by Kat.

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Design inspirations come from her kids’ favorite characters, designs printed anywhere, and even the children’s pajamas, Kat shares. Some of her favorite designs are the Philippine eagle, robot, hedgehog, Cookie Monster, and Pusheen the Cat. These cute designs allow Kat to add vegetables to the meals she prepares since she has to play with the colors of the ingredients to make it more enticing for her kids.


“[My kids] love the bento boxes I make for them. They get really excited when they open them up and they feel really proud of their food when their classmates and friends see it,” Kat reveals.


Preparing bento boxes takes time but Kat says it gets faster and faster to make once you get the hang of it. Investing in rice molds and cutters also speeds up the process of making them.

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Text by Cristina Sebastian.


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