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Ben&Ben on Being Productive in Quarantine: “It Is Not an Obligation”

Members of the band share 2 reasons why you should not be pressured to be productive amid the pandemic.

Over the course of the quarantine period, our favorite alternative folk-band Ben&Ben has accomplished numerous projects. Ben&Ben has released three new singles under Sony Music PH while in quarantine: “Doors,” “Lifetime” and “Nakikinig Ka Ba Sa Akin.”  The band also recently released the music video for their single “War,” which was dedicated to frontliners fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. (Read:3 Online Concerts to Look Forward This Month of July)

Apart from that, the indie folk-band is also active in helping raise funds to fight the threat of COVID-19 in the country. Last March 27, Ben&Ben held an online concert entitled “Puhon: A Ben&Ben FB Live Event for the COVID-19 Efforts” which raised P5 million and was used to buy COVID-19 test kits, personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline healthcare workers, and relief goods for communities affected by the lockdowns. 

Photos from Bandwagon Asia and Ben&Ben YouTube channel

While the 9-member band composed of Miguel Guico, Paolo Guico, Patricia Lasaten, Agnes Reoma, Jam Villanueva, Poch Barretto, Keifer Cabugao, Andrew de Pano, and Toni Muñoz strive to work and do their best as a group during the pandemic, they say that it’s not always like that. (Read: 5 Celebrities Share Their Biggest Realizations While In Quarantine)

Just like the rest of us, the band members admit that they also get unproductive and tired at times. So how do they push through?  Here are some of their tips and advice when you feel like you’re not being productive enough during quarantine! 

Being Productive Is Not an Obligation

Photo from Ben&Ben Instagram

With the spare time everyone has due to the quarantine period, some people think that it is indeed the perfect time to do get back on your feet and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. But according to Ben&Ben’s percussionist Andrew de Pano, it is a “trap.” (Read: What Is Toxic Positivity and How Can We Avoid It?)

“What we have to remember is that the desire to create things should still come naturally,” he said in an interview with the Inquirer. “It should still come from a place of wanting to listen or create—not just for the sake of being productive,” he continued.

“When you force yourself to be more creative because you see that everyone else is busy, that creates a mental roadblock,” he pointed out. 

Being Productive Is Not a Contest

Photo from Ben&Ben Instagram

The band’s lead vocalist and guitarist Miguel Guico has also shared that being confined during the quarantine period has been very helpful for him. He was able to reconnect with himself during his free time which helps him a lot in his creative process. But Miguel admits that it’s not always like that. There are days when boredom strikes him or his creative juices just won’t flow.  (Read: 4 False Beliefs That Hold You Back From Being Your Best Self)

“One of my core beliefs is that creation is 80 percent taking in and 20 percent putting out. But if there’s nothing coming in, then that’s OK,” Miguel said. “This isn’t a contest or race.”

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