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ICYMI: Dogs Can Now Have Ice Cream Thanks to Ben & Jerry’s!

Soon, you and your dog will be able to cool down with ice cream!

Whenever the weather gets hot, we always try to get something iced or cold to cool our bodies. It can be a milkshake, halo-halo, iced coffee, or just plain ice-cold water— anything to combat the heat.

But if there’s one thing that people of all ages from all corners of the world crave when the weather is just too warm, or when they’re just craving something sweet, it is ice cream! The creamy, flavorful goodness of ice cream is just irreplaceable.

But it’s not only humans who love their ice cream— even our four-legged furry friends want a taste of it, too! Unfortunately, human ice cream can’t be fed to dogs because it contains cow’s milk that might upset their stomach. As sad as it may be, we just have to resist those puppy dog eyes whenever they want a lick at our ice cream. (Read: These Online Shops Make the Cutest ‘Barkday’ Cakes for Your Dogs)

Ben & Jerry’s Dog Ice Cream

Luckily, it all changes this year! Dogs can finally have their very own ice cream all thanks to Ben & Jerry’s! The popular ice cream brand has launched its Doggie Desserts line this year. It’s puppy- and dog-safe, meaning your furry friends won’t have upset stomachs after eating one serving.

Initially, there are two flavors of the Doggie Desserts ice cream: Pontch’s Mix and Rosie’s Batch. (Read: LIST: Fruits and Vegetables That Are Safe for Dogs)

Photo from Ben & Jerry’s Instagram

Pontch’s Mix is a mix of peanut butter and pretzels, while Rosie’s Batch combines pumpkins and mini cookies in one ice cream! Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for dogs is made with sunflower butter— meaning there is minimal dairy content— and non-GMO products to ensure the best quality for your pets.

The Doggie Desserts line is currently only available in the US, but the possibility of having it in the Philippines is huge since most supermarkets here carry Ben & Jerry’s already. You may check the Ben & Jerry’s website for updates.

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