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3 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen, According to Bea Alonzo

Labels are definitely a must for organizing!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and strict quarantine guidelines, we’ve all learned to buy supplies and necessities in bulk. While this is the best thing to do amid the health crisis, there is one problem that comes with it: storage.

With so many supplies and groceries at home, it might be difficult to find enough space to accommodate everything and keep them cool and dry. But this task is easier than it looks— you only have to be smart at how to store items in your pantry! (Read: 3 Food Items You Store in Your Fridge but Shouldn’t)

Here are some useful tips from actress Bea Alonzo, who shared in her recent YouTube vlog how she keeps her pantry organized.

Tip #1: Use Old Boxes as Tags

Photos from Bea Alonzo YouTube

Bea admits that she loves labeling things, even in her kitchen. That is why it is a must for her to have labels and tags for her kitchen items. She puts tags for her snacks, coffee, pasta, and even her pet’s treats. Bea also recycles boxes from gifts to make into DIY tags for these, and just prints out the labels she needs!

Tip #2: Categorize Kitchen Supplies By Kind

Photo from Bea Alonzo YouTube

Bea says she always categorizes her food items according to their kind. Her top shelf is for canned goods and pasta sauces, while the lower shelves are for cereals and flours. Bea also puts labels on the shelves the expiration dates of the items so that no food goes to waste. (Read: 3 Delicious Recipes Using Almost-Spoiled Groceries)

Tip #3: Use Baskets and Jars for Storage

Photos from Bea Alonzo YouTube

While it is an added expense, Bea says baskets and jars are worth it in the long run. She puts cereals, oats, and uncooked pasta in jars with labels, while she places bottled or packed items in baskets. She adds that these really help with keeping the pantry organized and clean, compared to just leaving them in their original packaging.

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