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WATCH: Bea Alonzo Reveals How She Lost 15 Pounds in 30 Days

The actress is doing it not only to look her best, but also feel her best!

While we all dealt with and were affected by the pandemic in different ways, there’s probably one thing that we all experienced the same: weight gain due to the quarantine. Because we had to stay home and weren’t allowed to go to the gym, we gained a few extra pounds.

Even celebrities we see on TV and in movies admitted to having gained weight during the pandemic. One of those is veteran actress Bea Alonzo, who said that she added around 15 to 20 pounds during the quarantine. (Read: 5 Reasons to Check Out the Palicte Dancers on Tiktok)

“I gained so much during the ECQ. I think I gained 15 to 20 pounds because I kept on eating,” she said in a recent vlog. So for the new year, the actress committed to making it her goal to lose weight.

After renovating her home gym and adding so much more equipment for her and her family, Bea is happy to announce that she’s already lost 15 pounds! This is to think that she only vigorously tried to lose weight last month. So how did she do it?

#1: Limiting Calories

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Bea said that since she started her fitness journey, she has been gradually decreasing her calorie intake. From the initial 1800 calories, she went down to 1500, and now Bea is at 1200 calories. “I’m trying to do it properly,” she said. Bea is also incorporating more healthy food in her diet.

#2: Drinking Lots of Water

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Bea says that she’s been drinking more water than she did before, not only to keep herself hydrated during the hot weather, but also to quench her thirst and avoid drinking sugary drinks. She didn’t say how much water she drinks in a day, but we’re sure that it’s two to three liters— the recommended water intake for women daily.

#3: Getting Enough Sleep

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When we’re tired or sleepy, we’d turn to energy-boosting snacks that are most often filled with sugar. That means we take in sugar that can contribute to weight gain if not spent during the day! So Bea makes sure that she gets at least eight hours of sleep per night so she could feel rested the next day.

#4: Exercising and Working Out

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With her newly renovated home gym comes the extra push and motivation to work out more regularly. In fact, Bea said that she tries to work out every day now! Her trainer gradually introduced her to new workouts and routines after she re-learned the basics, so as not to shock her body.

Watch more of Bea’s fitness journey below:

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