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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Bad Bird Releases ‘Umami Fried Chicken’ Kit for Customers at Home

Attention, fried chicken lovers! You can now cook Bad Bird's signature dish right at your homes!

Attention, fried chicken lovers! One of the popular fried chicken places Bad Bird, known for their oh so delicious umami chicken has just released a Bad Bird Umami Fried Chicken Kit!

Their crispy, mouthwatering fried chicken can now be taken and cooked at home, since the quarantine has prohibited food establishments to accept dine-in customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Read: Here’s a list of PH restaurants that are open for take out and delivery)

The Umami Fried Chicken Kit includes six pieces of brined chicken (leg and thigh parts), batter mix, breading mix, gravy, and Bad Bird seasoning powder. It is available for purchase online for only P399. (Read: You can now make your own McDonald’s hotcake at home!)

Aside from the kit, Bad Bird also revealed the cooking procedure for their Umami Fried Chicken to guide customers at home and make them feel like they are eating right at their restaurant.

How to Cook Bad Bird’s Umami Fried Chicken

Photos from Bad Bird Facebook

Equipment needed

  • Frying pot (cast iron works best, but stockpot will also work)
  • Deep frying thermometer (optional
  • Mixing bowls
  • Tongs
  • Wire rack or any kind of surface with holes (for seasoning)
  • Oil (canola, vegetable, palm, etc.)
  • Salt/pepper shaker (for seasoning)

Cooking Procedure

  • Drain the brined chicken and pat dry on a paper towel. Make sure the chicken is at room temperature before you cook.
  • Mix the batter mix with 2/3 cup water until fully combined.
  • Once fully coated, coat the chicken in the breading mix.
  • Heat oil to 163-175˚C (use the thermometer for this) and place the chicken gently, one by one. Do not drop all the chicken in one go, this will make the chicken soggy. Fry for 8-11 minutes (depending on the temperature).
  • Once done, let it rest on a wire rack.
  • While the chicken is hot, season it with the umami seasoning included in the kit.
  • For the gravy, boil a pot of water and drop the sealed gravy pack (with plastic packaging) into the water for 1 minute. Leave it in the pack until fully warm and, when cooled, mix until it emulsifies.
  • Serve the chicken with gravy on the side.

*Note: Make sure to cook the chicken immediately to ensure food safety.

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