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3 Food Items to Avoid If You’re Trying to Lose Weight

These food items aren't exactly helping you in your weight-loss journey.

When health experts encouraged us to take care of ourselves when the pandemic became more and more alarming, many of us began to live healthier. We started eating better, resting more often, and exercising more regularly to maintain an ideal weight. But some may have noticed that despite working out on a regular schedule, accompanied by eating better, they still haven’t been losing much weight.

It may be due to genetic factors, but sometimes, it can also be because of what we still eat. Despite going on diets, there might still be some food items we’re eating constantly that aren’t helping us with our weight loss journey. (Read: 3 Alternatives to White Rice if You Want to Eat Healthier)

My Pope Philippines lists some food to avoid when you are trying to lose weight.

Food You Should Avoid: Frozen Meals

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Ready-to-heat or microwaveable meals may be the quickest food you can whip up when you’re hungry, but it isn’t the healthiest, as we all know. Plus, it doesn’t go well with exercising and losing weight! (Read: Diet Plans for Weight Loss? A Nutritionist-Dietician Gave Us Tips!)

That is because frozen meals are filled with sodium (a natural preservative) to lengthen their shelf life. The sodium then makes our bodies retain more water, making us look bloated and feel heavy, despite the workouts we do.

Food You Should Avoid: Fiber Snack Bars

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Snack bars are a common treat that we see in stores and social media being advertised for post-workout meals. While it is true that fiber snack bars have pretty much the entire amount we need of fiber daily (meaning it helps with the digestive system and such), it might not be the best choice. (Read: How I Lost 50 Pounds Before I Turned 40)

The reason is that fiber should be eaten regularly throughout the day to maintain healthy digestion and prevent upset stomachs. It still better to eat natural, fibrous food like apples and broccoli— they will make us feel fuller and stop us from reaching into a bag of chips!

Food You Should Avoid: Artificially-Sweetened Drinks

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We get it, ice-cold soda on a warm day sounds refreshing— and it is! You cool your body down and are able to do drink something sweet to give you the energy you need to push through with your work. But despite how good it tastes, artificially-sweetened drinks like soda and powdered juices that say they have “zero calories” won’t help you lose weight.

The artificial sweeteners in these drinks can actually induce or enhance cravings! That would mean wanting to eat more food more often, which is counterintuitive when we’re trying to shed a few pounds.

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