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Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Ice Cream Exists And You Must Try It Now

These unique treats are for a limited time only!

Everyone loves the delicious, cheesy, and affordable Ate Rica’s Bacsilog meal! Well, how about a frosty and sweet version of it? The most well-loved bacsilog stall just launched Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Ice Cream!

In collaboration with The Lost Bread, Ate Rica’s Bacsilog introduced two flavors of bacsilog-inspired ice cream: the Cheesy Bacon Ice Cream and the Cheese Sauce Ice Cream. (Read: Have you tried these Pope Francis-inspired ice creams?)

Ate Rica’s Cheesy Baconate-ricas-bacsilog-ice-cream

Ate Rica’s Cheesy Bacon is a more exciting and delectable way to enjoy those tempting bacon slices. It is topped with bacon bits and drizzled with Ate Rica’s signature cheese swirl, mixed with milk-based ice cream. 

It is a type of dessert you can enjoy any time of the day because of its sweet and savory taste. Plus the bacon bits that add crunch and a different twist!

Ate Rica’s Cheese Sauce ate-ricas-bacsilog-ice-cream

Bacsilog is incomplete without the yummy cheese sauce! The Ate Rica’s Cheese Sauce is a cheese-flavored ice cream consisting of Ate Rica’s cheese chunks and creamy cheese swirl mixed with milk-based ice cream. It has a sweet and mildly tangy flavor filled with gooey cheese chunks.

This is a unique take on the usual cheese-flavored ice cream! It is perfect for those who prefer not-so-sweet desserts.

Where to get it

Both flavors cost P250 in a pint and are available for a limited time only! So, hurry now and don’t miss the luscious and refreshing Ate Rica’s Bacsilog Ice Cream. You can purchase it any The Lost Bread branches or through its website. (Read: 3 Dairy-Free Ice Creams You Should Try This Summer)

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