Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Art in the Park Goes Online This August

Now, you can attend this popular art fair from the comfort of your homes!

After almost four months of social distancing, many art shows and art fairs are still canceled due to the global health crisis. With the blurred vision of what will happen in the coming months, many artists are now struggling to conduct physical art fairs and art exhibits. But although all these changes are overwhelming, art will not cease to exist. 

At times like these, art can benefit people in terms of physical, mental, and emotional recovery. That’s why the arts and culture community in the country is trying their best to find alternative ways to bring forth and deliver art to their audience even during the pandemic. (Read: Pope Francis thanks artists, prays for them at an online Mass)

One of these ways is holding shows online—musical theaters and cinema such as the Cinemalaya Film Festival are now looking to shift to the digital world. (Read: 10 Short Films to Watch at the Cinemalaya Film Festival 2020) And now, the much-loved Art In The Park 2020 will be holding exhibits online too! 

Art in the Park Online

After being postponed for a week before its actual opening day, Art in the Park 2020 has revealed via Instagram that they are going online from August 10 to 17. 

Art in the Park also advised everyone to turn on the notifications for their posts so you can always be up to date on their announcements.

Art in the Park is an annual art and culture event showcasing paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, and other media from a diverse selection of artists. Known as one of the country’s most affordable art fairs, many artworks from various artists can be capped for as low as P50,000.

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