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Art Bolinas: Why He Quit Corporate Life to Paint Images of God

After 13 years of working in a pharmaceutical company, this Pangasinan-born artist finally made his prayers a reality.

Many of us have artistic talents that we put on hold to pursue “more lucrative” careers. But for Art Bolinas, his artistic calling seemed inevitable. After 13 years of working in a pharmaceutical company, this artist from Dagupan, Pangasinan made his prayers a reality by turning his love for painting into a full-time career.

“I worked for a pharmaceutical company for 13 years. With all those years, I came to a point of self-evaluation— believing that I can have a more purposeful life and live without regrets. So that’s the time I considered doing what I love: painting,” he tells My Pope Philippines.

The pursuit of his passion didn’t come easy. Art admits that his conviction to paint out of sheer love wasn’t enough, and he had to tread lightly with purpose and practicality. (Read: 5 Influential Filipina Women Who Prove Hard Work Pays Off)

“Of course, I wasn’t really sure if this career would put food on the table,” he says. “My friend funded my first 11 paintings, posted it online, and in less than a month, it was sold out.”

He took this event as a sign from God. In 2019, Art began working as a full-time painter. And with the help of his friend, he started a Facebook page where he sells his artworks and accepts commissions from clients across the country.

Celebrating God’s Blessings

A Marian devotee. The Holy Mother is Art Bolinas’ favorite subject. (Photo courtesy of subject)

Like typical Filipino families, Art’s family is devout Catholic— his father volunteers in the local church, while he and his siblings are active members of the Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon community. This is why it’s no surprise that Art celebrates his faith through his passion for painting.

“Any canvass that centers on religion is close to my heart,” he says. “Every Marian and The Last Supper portraiture I create exudes personal excitement and a touch of family.” (Read: Pinoy Artist Paints Eccentric Images of Life in the Province)

Still, this painter thrives by being observant and open to different subjects in various styles. “I am flexible when I do my artworks,” he says. “I get inspiration from paintings that revolve around impressionism, cubism, abstraction, and realism and likewise from random feelings.”

Painting as Connection, Inspiration, and Purpose

Art Bolinas thrives by being observant. He says he finds inspiration from his surroundings and fellow artists. (Photo courtesy of subject)

For Art, painting is not just a source of living— it is a bringer of good things. “Every hue opens my soul, gives me joy, and an unexplainable sense of calmness,” he says.

And as he slowly carves his niche in the Philippine art scene, Art recognizes the need to keep improving and inspiring others. (Read: Millennial Farmer Shares Wise Words About Farming and Chasing Dreams)

“I am open to learning new styles and methods every day to hone my gift,” he says. “I dream of having a one-man exhibit someday and one day own an art gallery. I also want to inspire young artists to never let go of their dream.”

Finally, when asked why he keeps on painting, Art went back to where he started: God and family. “My family keeps me going, second to God, 100%.”

If you want to get a glimpse of Art’s colorful art pieces, especially his religious iconography, you can reach him via Facebook and Instagram.

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