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Are Inverter Aircons Really Worth The Hype?

Read this first before you invest in one!

In a tropical country such as the Philippines, the heat is no joke! In homes and offices, an air conditioner is one of the most used appliances and has practically been deemed essential. This is why buying the right air conditioner is a must.

Nowadays, everyone is talking about inverter aircons. Advertisers swear that the user can save up to 50% of their electric bill compared to conventional or non-inverter ones. However, its price is significantly higher than conventional ones. (Read: Find ‘Air Fryer Perfection’ With These Noche Buena Recipes!)

So is it really worth the hype? Here are five facts about inverter air conditioners to help you decide.

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Fact #1: Inverter Aircons Can Save Electricity When Sized Correctly

Aircon sizes are rated in terms of horsepower (hp). There are 1/2 hp, 1hp, 1.5hp, 2hp, and so on. These sizes need to match your room’s area. If you are able to choose the right size, you will be able to cool the room in a short period of time.

Inverter aircons run on the principle of variable compressor speed, which means the lower the speed, the lower the power consumption, and more saving to the electricity bill. If your aircon can cool the room in a shorter period, then it will also operate at full speed for a short time. However, do not exaggerate the horsepower as it will take too long for you to get the return of investment.

Fact #2: Inverter Aircons Are Quieter Than Conventional Ones

Compared to the traditional or conventional type of air conditioner, the inverter conditioner runs at low speed. The compressor it uses is also comparatively silent. This means that it produces little to no noise inside the home which allows you a sound and comfortable sleep. (Read: 5 Easy Ways for Moms to Recharge and Relax)

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Fact #3: Frequent Use Means Frequent Cleaning

Those who use inverter air conditioners say that you have to keep the aircon turned on for a longer period of time to get the energy-saving benefit. However, the longer it is running, the more dirt and dust will be accumulated which means frequent cleaning. (Read: 6 Design Tips to Improve Wellbeing at Home)

Fact #4: Its Repair and Maintenance Are Expensive

Conventional air conditioners have little to no maintenance cost at all. With some units, you just have to wash the mesh filter. But with inverter types, cleaning services will cost you a few thousands. Not to mention the repair should a common house gecko enter your aircon and get fried there.

If you are thinking of buying an inverter air conditioner, think about the cost of repairs and maintenance and whether your budget can afford it or not. (Read: DIY Home Remedies to Keep You and Your Pets Cool This Summer)

Fact #5: Inverter Aircons Are Costlier Than Conventional Units

In the Philippines, the inverter air conditioner is a fairly new concept. The technology involved is also relatively new. With that, there is no high demand in the market. Add to that the expensive components and you will have an expensive aircon. The inverter aircon is not a pocket-friendly solution for families who need to budget their expenses.

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