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Here’s What We Love About Angel Locsin And Neil Arce’s New House!

Their new home screams homey and comfortable!

On August 7, Angel Locsin and Neil Arce announced that they were finally husband and wife. The announcement comes after their civil wedding, which they only disclosed and shared to their followers and subscribers at the end of a seemingly unrelated packing vlog!

But now that they’re officially Mr. and Mrs. Arce, the next step would naturally be to move in together in a place they could call their own. And just a few weeks after their wedding announcement, Angel and Neil came out with a house tour on their YouTube channel, The Angel and Neil Channel. (Read: WATCH: Angel Locsin, Neil Arce Give Tips to Escape the Friend Zone)

According to the couple, the house was offered to them by Neil’s parents as they initially decided on living together in one of their condos. And because it was a relatively old house, the couple had to do some renovations and address some problems like termites–but the end result is beautiful!

Here are some of our favorite features and parts of Angel and Neil’s new house.

Angel and Neil’s House: No-handle door

Photo from The Angel and Neil Channel YouTube

More modern and contemporary houses have unique features that make them all the more interesting to guests visiting at home. And for Angel and Neil’s house, their unique feature is a handle-less door! Their heavy Claude Tayag-designed wooden door only needs a push from the outside to open it. It can’t be locked from the outside, but has a cool sliding mechanism on the inside that serves as its lock.

Angel and Neil’s House: A plethora of art displayed

Photo from The Angel and Neil Channel YouTube

One of the eye-catching features of the Arce household is the vast number of paintings and artwork hanging on its walls or placed on tables around the house. But the most special art piece–in our opinion, at least–is the Kurt Cobain painting which was Neil’s first gift to Angel for Valentine’s! Angel says the Nirvana frontman is her absolute favorite musician. How sweet of Neil! (Read: ‘COVID Heroes’ Leni Robredo, Angel Locsin Celebrate Birthdays Today)

Angel and Neil’s House: Outdoor laundry

Photo from The Angel and Neil Channel YouTube

Often, when we build houses, we tend to forget about the laundry area–what we do is just place a washing machine and dryer, hang up a clothesline, and that’s it. But not in Angel and Neil, who have a dedicated laundry area that is pleasing to the eye! “Kailangan daw may bahay ang washing machine. Akala niya [Angel] bahay na may bubong!” Neil recalled. Their laundry area has a space to fit the washing machine and dryer, and shelves to put laundry essentials in.

Watch their house tour video here.

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