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Shopping Guide: Must-Haves for New Moms

Check this list and find out if you got all your baby essentials!

If you are a new mom (or is about to be), you must have scoured the internet for things that your baby will need when he/she comes out. And because there are many things that a newborn needs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the stuff.

Nesting moms would surely attest that the remaining weeks leading up to the delivery of their bundle of joy can be a crazy and splurge-y time for a new mom. But hey, we get you! You just want the best for your kid and you don’t want to be panicking when he/she arrives. (Read: 10 Protection Prayers for Newborn Babies)

But what do you really need? New mom of three, Andi Eigenmann, shared her preparations for her new baby on her recent vlog. The “minimalist and practical” list itemized the items she deemed necessary for her newborn.

Here are five things a newborn needs according to Andi— plus the stores where you can get them!

Baby Essentials: Swaddle Blanket

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A swaddle blanket is a newborn must-have because it can double as an ordinary blanket for your child. Also, a baby needs to be swaddled so he/she does not get startled by random arm movements when sleeping. You can get swaddle blankets here.

Baby Essentials: Clothes, Socks, Hats, Mittens

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Of course, your baby would need clothes! But you don’t have to buy so many of them because a newborn grows up so fast. Soon, all your baby clothes will not fit your kid. (Read: Coleen Garcia Delivers Baby via Water Birth: Benefits and Risks)

Andi became practical and did not buy any— all of the clothes are hand-me-downs from their second child, Lilo. But if you wish to buy clothes for your child, you can check out Shopee or Lazada for affordable yet good quality baby clothes.

Baby Essentials: Diapers, Wet Wipes

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The brand of diapers that you would let your baby use would depend entirely on you, momma. If you want to use cloth diapers, that would be perfectly fine as well. However, as Andi advised, a newborn will use a LOT of diapers and it would not be practical to use cloth ones as of this time.

If you are concerned about the environment, you can get biodegradable ones such as Ecoboom. They also have wet wipes for your little one’s bum. Get it here.

Baby Essentials: Baby Tub, Bathing Mat

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Bathing a newborn is no easy task. You cannot just dunk your baby in the tub and then he’s clean! No, you would need a tub specially designed for babies, and a bathing mat that would not scar or hurt his sensitive skin. You can get baby tubs in malls but if you wish to save space, you can opt for a portable baby tub like this one here. (Read: 3 Celebrity Moms Who Welcomed Their Baby During Quarantine)

Baby Essentials: Crib or Co-Sleeper

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While we understand that you don’t want to be away from your baby, it is essential that he/she has a safe and comfortable place to sleep. According to Andi, since they do not have a nursery, they opted to co-sleep with their child. This is very practical because not only is it a space-saver, it’s also a money saver!

If you are going to co-sleep with your child, meaning he/she will be sleeping on the bed with you, you can buy a baby nest where the baby can fit snugly. Or you can opt to buy a crib. Get cribs and baby nests here.

Watch Andi Eigenmann’s vlog below:


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