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You Should be Mindful of Time When Managing Your Priorities – Here’s Why!

As cliche as it sounds, time is gold!

Sometimes, we are caught up with the dramatic comedy of our lives— we want to do the things that we no longer have time to do, when in fact, we used to have a lot of time in our hands.

Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute. Some researchers define it as a form of regulation failure, characterized by the irrational delay of tasks despite potentially negative consequences.

In ordinary terms, procrastination is a form of laziness or the power to build up excuses— I’m too old, I think I cannot do it, I’ll do it next time, let me think first I don’t want to fail, and everything. (Read: A Prayer to Be More Productive Each Day)

Minor or Major Priorities?

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Priority is something that is very important and must be dealt with before other things. It gives us a reason to start our day and live a productive life. However, weighing the importance of each of our priorities can be challenging and personal.

Some people prioritize minor things in life— having the most up-to-date gadgets, collecting pieces of items, or staying on-trend. Others, meanwhile, prioritize the major things, like having their dream house, running their own business, paying for their children’s education, staying healthy, getting a better job, or acquiring financial freedom.       

There’s nothing wrong with choosing our minor priorities over the major ones, but if we consider these priorities with how much time we have, the challenge starts to come in. (Read: We Challenge You to Date ‘Anyone’ More Often – Here’s Why!)

Mismanaged priorities can lead us to different doors of risks— and once we lose momentum, our desire starts to diminish until there are no actions made at all, and we are left with regrets.

Be Mindful of Time

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As Albert Einstein said, time is relative. For him, the rate at which time passes depends on your frame of reference. However, just because we believe that time is relative, doesn’t mean we have to be insensitive to the standard of time.

Time could be a deadline, a schedule, age, year, stages of life, life expectancy, and many more. Being in the standard of time means having the feeling of pressure or a sense of urgency. This pressure doesn’t only move us to keep going, but it fuels us not to waste our time and to persevere. 

Just remember: Time is gold. That is why we have to learn to manage our priorities and be mindful of our time in this world. (Read: Five inspirational books to keep you productive while in quarantine)

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