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Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Alden Richards’ religious collection!

Alden Richards, the Pambansang Bae and Asia’s Multimedia Star, is known to be religious—which he got from his mom and lola. When he did a bag raid for noontime show Eat Bulaga, fans got a glimpse of his religious collection, which includes rosaries and medallions. Now, he’s sharing his favorites from his collection to My Pope

Here are some of Alden’s most loved religious items:

St. Benedict Medallion

The St. Benedict medallion was designed by Desiderius Lenz (a monk from the Beuron Art School) for the saint’s 1,400th birth anniversary. On its front is an image of St. Benedict holding a cross and his rule. On one side is a poisoned cup, and on its opposite is a raven. The words “May we be strengthened by his presence in the hour of our death” are inscribed around the saint, referencing his being a patron of a happy death, along with St. Joseph.

People collect St. Benedict medallions as these are believed to protect the owner from poisoning. The medallion is also buried in the foundation of new buildings to ward off evil spirits and intentions.

Daily Devotionals

Unlike the traditional Bible used in church during Holy Mass, daily devotionals have 365 pages of daily spiritual readings intended for everyday prayer and reflection. Devotionals used to only be in the form of books, but nowadays, there are also blogs, emails, and smartphone applications. The earliest known daily devotional was the Irish book Gaelic Felire from the ninth century.


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The rosary has long been a symbol of the Catholic faith—it’s been used for hundreds of years for novena Masses, Holy Week, and other occasions requiring prayer. The word rosary means “crown of roses,” and it’s been said that one Hail Mary is equivalent to one rose offered to Our Lady of the Rosary. Meanwhile, a complete Rosary gives Our Lady a crown of roses.

The faithful pray the Rosary to reflect on the mysteries and seek help during trials. Priests sometimes require those who confess to pray the Rosary as penance after confession.


Rosary Bracelets

Like the regular rosary, rosary bracelets are used to reflect on the mysteries of Jesus’ life and death. The only difference is that the rosary bracelet is wearable, smaller, and easier to bring every day. It’s perfect for people with strong faith who live an on-the-go lifestyle. No wonder it’s Alden’s favorite!


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Text by Katie Rojas.


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