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LIST: Al Fresco Restaurants to Visit on Your Next Baguio Trip

Enjoy the cool Baguio breeze while dining at these restaurants!

As the world rejoices at the creation and approval of a couple of COVID-19 vaccines, people are also looking forward to returning to the ‘old normal,’ or being able to go out without masks and restrictions, and being able to see friends and family once again.

Now, as the country eases up on quarantine restrictions, more establishments have started opening and more people are going out for non-essential things. While this is fine as long as health protocols are observed, it is still discouraged to gather and meet with others as it can contribute to a spike in cases in the country.

But if you really want to go out and celebrate a special occasion, it would be best to keep the gathering to a small group, and dine in an al fresco setting. That’s because al fresco places have better ventilation compared to closed-off spaces like indoor restaurants and cafes. (Read: Cancelled summer plans? Take a virtual vacation with these apps instead!)

And what better way to experience al fresco than in a place with a cool breeze like Baguio? That’s why My Pope is listing some al fresco dining spaces in the City of Pines where you and your loved ones can celebrate— all while observing protocols, of course!

Al Fresco Dining in Baguio: Choco-laté de Batirol

Photos from Lakas ng Trip Blog and Choco-late de Batirol Facebook

Choco-laté de Batirol is an al fresco dining space in Baguio that offers Baguio’s signature batirol. Batirol is a traditional thick (steaming) hot chocolate drink that can also be used as a dipping sauce their signature bibingka and suman. And because of the lockdown, they now have flavored Batirol iced drinks! If you’re looking for a place just to hang out and catch up with loved ones, you should drop by Choco-laté de Batirol.

Al Fresco Dining in Baguio: Secret Garden

Photo from TripAdvisor and Secret Garden Resto & Cafe Co. Facebook

Secret Garden is located on the second floor of a building on the South Drive Highway. The al fresco dining area, its rustic design, and the surrounding trees make it feel like you’re on a treehouse in Baguio. The restaurant serves Mediterranean food which includes pasta, pizza, and salads. The dishes are mouthwatering and their servings are very generous, which makes it worth every peso! (Read: 3 Ways to Practice Responsible Tourism Amid Pandemic)

Al Fresco Dining in Baguio: Forest House

Photos from Forest House Facebook

Forest House is one of the crowd’s favorite bed and breakfast places in Baguio, as it not only has a beautiful interior but also really good food. They have indoor seating for families who can’t stand the cold, and they also have an al fresco dining space for those who want to enjoy the cool Baguio breeze. Forest House serves pizza, burgers, soup, ribs, and desserts, among others, which makes it a great option for those who have large appetites!

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