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Find ‘Air Fryer Perfection’ With These Noche Buena Recipes!

Make healthier dishes for your Christmas eve dinner with a trusty air fryer!

In recent months, many have been trying their hand at cooking and baking to stay productive amid the quarantine. Thus, the market has also seen a rise in cooking appliance sales— particularly the air fryer.

The air fryer is a medium-sized kitchen appliance you can put atop your kitchen counters and cook a plethora of dishes in. Even celebrities are buying an air fryer to try and test it out for themselves! But why is it all the rage these days? (Read: What Are the Christmas Food Staples in the Vatican?)

According to air fryer producers, the gadget makes healthier dishes as it only needs a little amount of oil and some air to be able to cook your food. The hot air which rushes down quickly and envelopes the food is what makes it possible for the food to become crunchy and crispy— just like how it would when deep-fried! (Read: 3 Multifunctional Cookers for Small Spaces)

So if you’re someone who is conscious of what is in your food and how it is prepared, maybe it’s time to invest in an air fryer for your household! And with the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to break this one out. Check out these Noche Buena dishes you can cook with an air fryer!

Air Fryer Recipes: Coconut Shrimp

Photo from Taste of Home

As Filipinos, we all love our coconut— called buko or niyog, locally. It’s the tree of life, and it can be added to so many dishes and desserts like laing, Bicol express, and ginataan. But what if we told you coconut can also be used for fried food? (Read: LIST: Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Music and Film Fanatics)

That’s right, coconut is not only used as gata, it can also be used as an added ingredient to breading! So why not try this coconut shrimp this Christmas? A recipe for this dish can be found here.

Air Fryer Recipes: Salmon and Veggies

Photo from StyleBlueprint

The holidays are all about eating your favorite food or the dishes you’ve been craving all year-round. And maybe one of those cravings is salmon— because, really, who doesn’t love salmon? (Read: 6 Ways to Practice Corporal Works of Mercy With Your Kids This Christmas)

This recipe is perfect for satisfying those cravings— plus it’s healthy especially with all the vegetables! It will surely be a hit during your Noche Buena, especially with family members who love their fish and greens. Find the recipe for salmon and veggies here.

Air Fryer Recipes: Chicken Breast

Photo from Delish

As we all know, a celebration without chicken is just incomplete. However, with all the oil and fat fried chicken has, many are trying to avoid eating it to keep themselves healthy. But of course, in families with young children, it’s unavoidable to have fried chicken on the table, especially during the holidays.

Good thing, you can use chicken breast, which has leaner meat and less fat, for your fried chicken. The kids wouldn’t even notice when you give it to them— fried chicken is fried chicken! Get the recipe for air fryer chicken breast here.

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