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We Ranked AC Bonifacio’s Dance Covers – Here Are Our Top Picks!

It's talent galore on AC's YouTube channel!

Since 2017, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, and Lili Reinhart have been making waves on social media across the globe because of their hit series, Riverdale. The show, which is an adaptation of the famed Archie Comics, is currently on its fifth season— airing weekly on CW and streaming on Netflix.

While Riverdale in itself is already appealing to Filipino fans, many more watched this season because a Filipina guested in one of its episodes! In Season 5, Episode 7 (‘Fire in the Sky’), Filipino-Canadian dancer AC Bonifacio played Star Vixen and had a dance-off with Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch). Many were excited to see the 18-year-old on a Hollywood show, and she definitely did not disappoint. (WATCH: AC Bonifacio Joins Cast of Netflix’s Riverdale)

AC rocked her routine and received praises from Riverdale fans around the world for her undeniable talent. So if you’re one of those who saw her dance on Riverdale, and want to see more of her dancing, My Pope Philippines lists some of AC’s best dance covers on her YouTube channel!

AC Bonifacio Dance Covers: Love Shot

“Love Shot: has got to be one of Kpop boy group EXO’s most popular and viral songs to date. It’s actually been played for over 158 million times in just three years since its release! (Read: We Are All Excited About These Kpop Comebacks This Month!)

AC couldn’t help but join the trend and do a cover of the catchy Korean song that has everybody up on their feet. She made a dance cover with Korean host and dancer Dasuri Choi, and it’s garnered almost two million views since its posting in 2019. Watch the video here.

AC Bonifacio Dance Covers: Pretty Savage

Blackpink’s “Pretty Savage” is AC’s latest dance cover, which she just posted four days ago. AC definitely brought on the swag as she performed the song with such angst and confidence you’d think she was a Blackpink member!

BLINKs (Blackpink fans) will surely love this cover as AC did the song justice. Watch the video here.

AC Bonifacio Dance Covers: Dynamite

AC brought the fun and carefree spirit in this dance cover of BTS’s all-English song, “Dynamite.” True to the song’s title, this dance cover is an explosion of talent, colors, and cute outfits! (Read: How BTS Inspired This Author to Write Best-Selling Fanfics)

Even though she’s dancing on her own, AC is dominating the screen with her dancing skills that you wouldn’t even notice she had no one else dancing with her. Plus points that she knows all the lyrics by heart! Watch the video here.

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