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A Prayer to St. Agnes for Chastity

Do you struggle in remaining chaste? Let St. Agnes help you!

Our modern society makes it hard to remain pure and chaste these days— especially the youth, who have never been more curious and explorative.

All around us, the influences of worldly desires and of the devil work each day to try and diminish the importance of chastity. Likewise, these factors make it impossible for people to remain chaste. (Read: A Universal Prayer for All Things Necessary for Salvation)

So if you are struggling to be steadfast in remaining chaste, you must know that you can’t do it alone— you need grace from God and help from others. In this battle, keep St. Agnes as your ally!

Born in 291 AD and raised in a Christian family, St. Agnes of Rome was very beautiful and belonged to a wealthy family— thus her hand was highly sought after in marriage. (Read: Feast Day Prayer to Saint Stephen, the First Martyr)

However, Agnes made a promise to God never to stain her purity. Whenever a man wished to marry her, she would always say, “Jesus Christ is my only spouse.”

On her feast day, seek her intercession and inspiration that you may remain pure and chaste with this prayer.

A Prayer to St. Agnes for Chastity

Holy martyr Agnes, you chose to die rather than to give up your faith. You refused to renounce Him whom you loved so dearly. You chose death over offending your spouse, and you went willingly to meet your divine lover.

You are revered for your commitment to your vow of virginity, and you are held as the patron saint of chastity. Pray for us who strive daily for purity against the temptations of the flesh, the world, and the devil.

Pray that we may never weary of seeking to live out chastity in our lives. Pray that we may one day, like you, be welcomed into the arms of our heavenly bridegroom.

Saint Agnes, patron saint of chastity, pray for us!

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