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A Prayer To Archangel Gabriel

It is said that every day of the week has an angel as its guardian.

In Catholic tradition, there are three Archangels who are named: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. But some say that there are actually seven Archangels, each one serving as a guardian angel for every day of the week. And for Mondays, it is actually Angel Gabriel who is the guardian angel.

So if you’re looking to ask for protection and guidance for the first day of the work week, recite this prayer to Angel Gabriel. (Read: Meet the Three Archangels: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael)

Prayer to Angel Gabriel

Blessed Saint Gabriel, Archangel

We beseech you to intercede for us at the throne of divine mercy:

As you announced the mystery of the Incarnation to Mary,

so through your prayers may we receive strength of faith and courage of spirit,

and thus find favor with God and redemption through Christ Our Lord.

May we sing the praise of God our Savior

with the angels and saints in heaven forever and ever.


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