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A Prayer of Deliverance From Evil Spirits

We need all the defense we can get to battle the evil that tempts us everyday.

Today, the work of the devil is all around us— from the media we consume to the influences we gather from the people around us. It attempts to disrupt our lives and dampen our spirits so that we may move away from the love and everlasting grace of God. 

Jesus Christ has dealt directly with Satan himself— the devil who tempted Him in the wilderness. The enemy waited until Jesus was weakened in the physical body after fasting for 40 days. Jesus, of course, resisted the temptations of evil. This is only one of the many Biblical accounts that describe the real presence of satan and demons that prey upon the weakened body and soul. (Read: A Universal Prayer for All Things Necessary for Salvation)

Here is a prayer that may help you to counter such evil temptations and protect you against the desires of the devil.

A Prayer of Deliverance From Evil Spirits

Heavenly Father, I ask You now to go back though all in my bloodline, my husband’s/wife’s bloodline, and the bloodlines connected to all of my family and relatives and forgive the wrongs, heal the illnesses, bind the evil deeds. I ask You Lord to break the chains, associations and links any of these may have to us here in the present. On their behalf Lord, I seek Your forgiveness, your healing and a pouring out of your Divine Love so that Your Love may now pour forth through the years and touch us in the here and now. So that Your Divine and Healing Love will take the place of all the past hurts, angers, hates, unlove of You, destructive emotions or actions and evil ties of our ancestors. So that Your Precious Blood and Divine Love and Healing will heal us of the residue we carry from our ancestors. In true faith I thank You Lord because You have said ‘Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you’. Today Lord I knock, I seek, I ask. All praise and thanks to You my loving Father.

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