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A Calming Prayer for Expectant Mothers

Quell your worries with this prayer for your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an incredible gift from God. What better manifestation of God’s goodness and grace than to allow humans to bring a new life into the world, right?

But in tracking the growth and progress of a little miracle growing inside you for nine months, the task can be overwhelming. You might worry if your baby is growing like he is supposed to, is his heartbeat as strong as it should be, or are you prepared for labor pains when you deliver your little bundle of joy. (Read: Chrissy Teigen, John Legend Open up About Miscarriage)

To quell these worries, check out this prayer you can recite for peace of mind during each trimester of your pregnancy.

A Prayer for Peace During Pregnancy

Lord Jesus, thank you for your protection over my life and my baby’s life. Thank you for keeping her safe and secure in my body and in your love. Thank you for strengthening her, keeping her healthy, and preparing her for the plans you have set before her.

For as long as this pregnancy lasts, I pray that you will be doing the mighty and marvelous work that only you can do, creating life and bringing beauty into the world through your creations.

We give you all glory, honor, and praise for this life, Jesus. Amen.

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